The OccupyWallSt movement: The general moment of enlightement?

Hi. As the movements in New York, and in some other parts of the world are starting to hook up, I was wondering how people like Theosophists are understanding it. It all started in MidOrient, in Egypt, the center of all different esoteric beliefs, and also religous points of view; then, it spread to Spain, also a nest of all Hispanic heritage, and also a small center of esoteric and occult knowledge; and now, spreaded to some other parts of America like Chile, and of course, why not, United States.


#OccupyWallSt can be the beggining of the start of the mother of ALL revolutions. Like one man here says: "La Revolucion de las Conciencias" (The Revolution of the Conscience) that's it, in brief words, the start of a GLOBAL revolution, not one of the bullets and old timer relict ideologies, but a more PROFOUND set of toughts, feelings; not ONLY a revolution, as everyone thinks, against a "Big Brother" of the economy, the big bucks, the global 'hierarchy'; but, a revolution of the TOUGHT. of the MIND.


We have been slaves of our own mind, of a set of old rubish ideas, imposed by a small minority. Now it is a chance to change this once and for all. for GOOD.




Don't you think?


I waos wondering what the fellow Theosophists here think about this subject...


cheers, regards and a hug from the global , our global hyperspace...

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There is so much going on in this thread, just as there is so much going on at the 'occupy' sites, and it is wonderful to read/see it all.  It is especially good that there have not been 'demands' as yet because this indicates that groups are sifting through many and varied concerns, reviewing and considering all ideas as they arise or as they are presented. This is evolution in action, happening simultaneously, in many different communities with an amazing spirit of inclusion. But religion tends to divide and talk of spiritual concerns sounds like talk of religion. It seems to me that this is why we aren't hearing more of the philosophic side of this and perhaps this recognizes a sensitivity to diversity of belief rather than an omission of spirit, a way to maintain peace among the gatherers.

And it has been peaceful- until last night when the 'Kent State' -predicted earlier in this discussion- occurred in Oakland,Ca.  A young man (24 yrs) suffered a head injury from an apparent assault by Police.  There is a big difference between the way the crowd has been handled in Oakland and in, for example, Albany, NY.  In Albany the administration views the gathering as a group of citizens using their voice.  The Oakland administration obviously views the crowd as 'other', as a an oppositional force to be crushed. 


This maybe a turning point.  In Albany there continues to be peace; Oakland faces a crowd more determined than ever to express themselves and their sorrow with vigils and in gathering for further protest. Will shadow elements turn them toward reactionary violence? Or will 'better natures' prevail?

I am waiting for or would like to see a more internally disciplined rank and file similar to what was seen in the Satyagraha movement in India... there needs to be a commitment to nonviolent principles such as not insulting or deriding people thus polarizing them and causing greater likelihood for violence.  A demonstration needs to have cohesion as to the message without hostility and vehemence.

I've been dealing with credit unions for quite awhile now.. The only thing is some seem more able to serve than others. I was trying to set up a trust and one C.U. I'd been doing business with wasn't able to really respond to our needs but another one was no problem. so it depends.. The interest rates are usually lower on loans. But again they can vary in their actual services.  The one we deal with is very personable and helpful.. The other was standoffish and impersonal. 

I've also decided I'm only going to deal with businesses that are more personable..Auto dealers, dentists, markets name it..if they don't give a hoot about me I could care less..I go where the service is.


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