A religion of ancient Egypt governed by the Great Ennead-- the nine Gods of ancient Egypt--- space visitors called themselves the NINE--- Is this Stargate opening? Is the pyramid of Giza holding secrets yet to be discovered?


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Did the Cat hit the remote for the TV when you were out of the room? flipped to syfy instead of evening news??

On the serious side - NINE ---  how did NINE=now and where did the relation with space visitors come from. Sorry clueless. Background may help, for me at least.

Is this related to the Nine of Andrija Puhiarch et al.There was a book by Stuart Holroyd about it in the late 70s.I do not think it was published in the uS

L.A, if you're referring to the "Nine Unknown," here's a summary of "The Legend of the Nine Unknown Men" that may be helpful to those interested:


bournemouthsoc, you're right about Dr. Andrija Puharch, a leading parapsychologist and consciousness researcher of his day. He died in 1995. In 1974 he worked with a psychic, Phylllis V. Schelmmer, and she channeled what were said to be Nine personalities or universal intelligent forces. Many sessions were held with other attending and all recorded. Among the inner circle for awhile was Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator. The book you refer to is "The Only Planet of Choice." Here's the website that goes into much more detail and where the book can be purchased:


As for StarGates and Egypt, contact William Henry. He's been a long time researcher in this area.:


I've heard stories over the last year that there has been a significant find around the Big Pyramid in Egypt, but is being covered up by the ultra-conservatives that run the Egyptian Antiquities Department. Not a surprise, as they have a long history of stifling anything outside their orthodox party line of Egyptian history. Don't know where to find out more, but ask William Henry about this in an email, he probably would know more details.

L.A, good that you knew Dr. Puharich. During what years was this? Did he ever mention anything about the "Nine" and his group that was in on the channeling? If so, could you tell us some of what he talked about?


Hello -yes I know all about the Nine and Dr Puhiarch.The other thing he did of course was work with Uri Geller.

I am referring to an earlier book by Stuart Holroyd called" Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth" (published by Corgi)  published in 1977 interestingly copy right "Lab Nine Ltd".There was indeed a book published  in the UK but I believe the earlier book was not available in the US

LA were you connected with the group in Ossining?

Thanks, L.A, for the info on Dr. Puharich. You may find some of the knowledge you seek through William Henry. Keep us updated, if you so desire.

Isnt Stargate a sci fi program?

bournemouthsoc, most, if not all, of Stuart  Holroyd's books can be bought on Amazon. The one you refer to, "Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth," is quite pricey, the only copies in used paperback at $92.22 each. The companion book "Prelude to the Landing on Planet Earth" is in hardcover for $58.98 and $100.


Oh well I would better look after my copy then.I have the first edition "Briefing for the Landing on Planet earth-.I bought mine in the UK £1.25!!

I would like to get hold of "Catchers of Heaven " but that`s quite pricey too.

has any one heard of the book" Mass Contacts" by Stefano Breccia?

bournemouthsoc, no, I haven't heard of Stefano Breccia before, but checked the Internet and here's a site about him and the book "Mass Contacts" for those interested.


The book is $18.22 on Amazon. Thanks for pointing this out, bournemouthsoc, it looks interesting.

Indeed it is interesting.

As is Gerard Aartsens book " George Adamski -Herald for the Space Brothers"He also has a new book "Space Brothers Here to Help"

George Adamski is the most famous, and controversial, contactee from the "wild and woolly" 1950's UFO scene. I'm surprised he's being "brought back" by Gerard Aartsens, but perhaps the Mr. Aartsens has some new evidence and slant on Adamski.

I know that UK Ufologist Nick Redfern did some reexamination of the 1950's most famous UFO people and cases and found much more there that had previously been thought. I forget the title of the book, but heard him on interviewed on Whitley Strieber's Dreamland Internet radio show a few months ago.


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