The mosque in the Zero....(o la MOSCA islamica en la 'sopa' multicultural) you name it...

Let's be brave, and start a good discussion about the real meaning of tolerance - and I KNOW some people here in the site will have their skin shivered when I say this: WHAT ABOUT THE MOSQUE THEY WANT TO BUILD CLOSE TO THE 'ZERO ZONE' (or ground 'zero' for the US people)

It is still a touchy subject, some people you knewed and loved died there...but we cannot close eyes and ears, to years and years of killings in the name of 'liberty' that US has done in all over the world, I AM NOT JUSTIFYING THIS AT ANY EXTENT, any DEATH is a CRIME and as Theosophist you may know that.

But it is also TRUE that many people are not US citizens, and US has done - as a government not their people of course - a lot of problems in a lot of countries in around the globe. When is the Tolerance starts? as a very HEAVY KARMA - already been payed right now by US deaths in 9-11 and in this wars in Mideast, i would want the people here in the forum, as Theosophists, to face the touchy subject and tell me, the pro/cons of the decision Obama made, of starting the built of a Mosque there, close to where the extinct towers were.

I know that, as US citizens, will be more difficult to some of you to talk about this. Probably you lost some relative, some friend...but we cannot hide the fact, and remain discussions about lighter matters.

And in other parts of the world - like my Mexico - we have different points of view on the subject. WHEN the tolerance will start? Why? Do the younger people have 'more' tolerance' than the oldest? Do you live in a different "US" more tolerant, more narrow, what is happening??

I will attach this links to Mexican news from US that sometimes -as always - are blocked by main US media. probably you can find some good topic for discussion here....

You can translate it with Google translator.

Not my intention to offend anybody. I know how hard 'political correctness' can be.

Cheers and Peace. We ALL deserve Peace. ALL.


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Thank you very much!
It's a good article.
I think Steve you may have got it off a bit.. Here's what it is according to Wkipedia:

Park51, originally named Cordoba House and controversially referred to as the "Ground Zero mosque", is a planned 13-story Islamic community center and mosque to be located about two blocks from the World Trade Center site[5][6] in Lower Manhattan. It would replace an existing 1850s Italianate-style building that was being used as a Burlington Coat Factory before it was damaged in the September 11, 2001 attacks. The proposed facility's design includes a 500-seat auditorium, theater, performing arts center, fitness center, swimming pool, basketball court, childcare area, bookstore, culinary school, art studio, food court, September 11 memorial, and prayer space that could accommodate 1,000–2,000 people.[5][7]


You can read the pros and cons there to..appparently a number of the victim's families are in favor of it..
It is very disappointing to read some things in a theosophical forum.
So I will not enter in this play, but I copy to you an article in a pro-israeli (but tolerant) magazine about the "mosque" in ground zero.

Misinformation is the same or worst than lie because it mislead but you are not aware of that. Imam Rauf is sufi from the Ashki Yerrahi Tariqa, he is not from Al Qaeda not even an extremist, in fact, sufis are hardly tolerated by the fundamentalists or wahabis or salafis that are in control are spreading from Saudi Arabia mainly, and Ashky Yerrahis are more open since its two last sheikhs were... sheikhas (female). So, before to say j'accuse, you must have proofs not an article about deception in Islam. Perhaps you have forgotten the massive destruction weapons argument for to attack iraqui people. Was it not deception? And an official policy.
By the way, the Al Qaedah affair is until today not clear at all, many of the statements from the think tanks are merely contructions, constructions of a phantasmagorical entity called Al Qaedah and a equally misconstructed middle east.
Yep, Joe, that's it, We are. By now i've incorporated to the reading, observing it is getting better and better.

Aren't this cause why Theosophists are for, anyway? the AGREEMENT OF 'ALL 'N ALL??

:-D heehehee
BTW, I'm hearing right now 'Wait 'till September Ends" from the now more political Green Day post Sept 11's.

i hear always that song and makes me want to cry...everytime i hear it...again.... :'-(

coincidence? I don't think so. Mahatmas above n'everywhere are hearin'...
Oh, thanks Paul. Didn't remember that, but sad it is that decisions that some crackheads in some minorities - like that crazed pastor that wanted to burn Qorans -has almost similar weight in political decisions in US's that what other groups - NOT necessarily minorities, but real majorities labeled 'minorities' like third-world countries, women,students, other religions and beliefs -have to say in those kinds of decisions.

That is the big issue in US. Who's the ones taking the big decisions? the big cheeses. as always.

Is not necessarily a matter of religion or belief, i know that. But what can BE done about it? I have only one thing in my mind: sadly, the US people is the one with bigger power of decision in these main worldly decisions, like in defense against AiDS in Africa, poverty in women in Latin America, dictatorships that are still around in some other third-world countries, etc etc etc.
It is mostly, YOUR POINT OF VIEW, and YOUR decision - i'm not trying to insult other countries, but the fact it is sad, and true: US PEOPLE, are, like, -too sad but true- the ones who are more heard or listened of, for taking the chief decisions in world!! - remember, who pulls or puts out main decisions in foreign policies? US! of course! and who US listens? - i think- US PEOPLE!!

So we have to start to do something, in Mexican press and other countries people are reading that they are planning another war, they want to nuke Iran or at least bomb it out as they did in Iraq and we have to start to do something against it!!!

I BET YOU haven't heard ANY of this in main US media....but in most world newspapers are signs that they are preparing to bomb Iran out and to do it the same as Iraq or worse...-with nukes, thats zillions of times worse....-

Still Theosophists have a major role against it , against all wars....US Theosophists have to do something about have more power of decision that most parts of world do...

I think that's what Blavatsky's would wanted us to UNITE all of US PEOPLE OF THE WORLD, AGAINST ALL WARS....


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