Interesting article from Scientific American.

Apparently the mind has a crazy way of imposing limitations on us that aren't there.

I tellses ya, the age where mystic stuff is addressed by science is approaching.  Let's ramp up the imagination!

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"The mind and body are not separate; our thoughts have remarkable control over our bodies; and our mindsets are capable of improving our brains’ performance". Interesting sentence. Then you to are suggesting we are also spiritual as well as biological? I have been told when we write or think a word, the mind builds a list of words like synonyms to go along with that one word. All other words are created synonymously around each word. From one word comes other words that relate to the original word or thought. Thinking creates the future for the thought and thoughts.

Our thoughts are part intuition and imagination. Or if you wish past history and future actions together. Thoughts please. Paul 


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