I recently watch a documentary from the Discovery Channel called The Lost Tomb of Jesus. In the documentary they claim to have found the lost tomb where Jesus and his family members were buried.

Well there are a lot of questions I have about the tomb but what I really wanted to know is if anyone knows what these symbols on the the tomb and ossuary are? I'll include the pics I found, it seems that there's not too much information about the symbols other than the inverted V with the circle in it meaning that they were followers of Jesus? But this is strange because I've never heard of any other symbol being associated with him other than the Crux or Cross. Any leads?

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This image from the West Portal (Royal Portal) is indeed a very mystical one because it has a lot to say.  I clicked on this image and as you know it gives  a screen-wide view of it.

What I never notice before is the platform that the throne he is sitting on rest and coupled with that the foundations that that platform rest upon.  The moon shape disk when extrapolated out is a full round disk.  I can only imagine that the building like structure behind Christ's feet represent Chartres Cathedral; whereas, the pillars or foundations of the earth in which it all rest is another matter.

I use to think these were cloud images but the enlarge image shows them to be well structured into three arched doorways on each side of what should extrapolate out to be a 3x 3 square: Kamea of Saturn, which the entire cathedral is built upon that image.  The platform Christ sits on has to represent the dome of the heavens resting upon the Kamea of Saturn creating the Christian idea of Solomon's Temple: the merging of the material and the divine.

Notice that the building structure behind Christ's feet is above the platform indicating that when you enter into the cathedral you are, for all intent and purpose, in the transcendent: the abode of deity.

All of this is within the Vesica Piscis: meaning that everything within it is an amalgamation of the material and spiritual even the Kamea of Sturn structure beneath the platform.  The Kamea of Saturn is a mini-version of the Universal Mathematical Matrix and incorporates both the material and spiritual.

In fact all the images surrounding the Vesica Piscis (in the arch), besides the four gospel animal images, the Zodiac and such are all incorporated into that Vesica Piscis image especially the Kamea of Saturn.

I think you're talking about a Greek rho (P) and chi (X). that is the first two letters in Christ (greek). The Chi can look like a cross + , but more common is the  regular X.


Yes, you are quite right.  I wasn't thinking along those lines.

Surfing the net tonight for pictures that represent "Key of Knowledge" for a design project and guess what I found... the sign! And yup, you're along the right lines... I found out that it's the Staurogram! Since it's a Cross it's the Tau-Rho.. From what little stuff I read on it, it does represent crucifixion but what I found most strange is that it predates the Christian Era(or C.E. Common Era)? Then later they used it to depict followers of Christ... hmmm

Here's the pic I found:


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