I recently watch a documentary from the Discovery Channel called The Lost Tomb of Jesus. In the documentary they claim to have found the lost tomb where Jesus and his family members were buried.

Well there are a lot of questions I have about the tomb but what I really wanted to know is if anyone knows what these symbols on the the tomb and ossuary are? I'll include the pics I found, it seems that there's not too much information about the symbols other than the inverted V with the circle in it meaning that they were followers of Jesus? But this is strange because I've never heard of any other symbol being associated with him other than the Crux or Cross. Any leads?

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Does anyone know what the Hebrew in the Ossuary spells? The first few letters looked like YHWH - but the last letter is not He, I think. I know nothing about Hebrew. William may know.

No idea yet on the first one that is over the tomb.  Reminded me of a "Stargate"   :)



What you have called an inverted V is actually the 'roof of a house' as in the doorway to the house of the dead.  The little circle is a round window in that symbolic house: you see that all the time in modern day homes.

The Hebrew wording on the Ossuary read, according to my translation from a Hebrew lexicon, "Celebrate their Salvation".  In ancient times, as it suppose to be in modern times, the decease's life was celebrated; thus the Hebrew wording suggest they were celebrating the decease's ascension into heaven.

However, there is a question as to the validity of this discovery,


Thanks William!!

I am not surprised about the validity. These are almost always sensationalized "Documentary" films.

The term "Documentary" has become somewhat of a joke. One of my favorite "Documentary" films is "Jaws." <G>

Yup, the more and more I've looked into this, The more I also question the validity of the discovery. Seems a little too generic for some reason. Thanks for the info on that symbol, from what I've seen, that symbol has nothing to do with "Follower of Christ" like they claimed it did and recently have retracted that comment to say they really don't know...lol I love how they just throw stuff in documentaries and call them facts.

There's more to this controversy.

Link provided by Rolly Velarde on the facebook.

All of this seem to be constantly replayed over and over again in different disguises as if to constantly keep the idea in the consciousness of the masses as if to say Christianity is not true but a false religion.  It reminds me of the move: THE BODY that came out in 2001, which again played on the idea of finding the bones of Christ:  As entertainment goes it was a pretty good movie Antonio Banderas starred in it.

@ Captn..Awesome find, this is what people should really consider! Especially now seeing that it comes from someone (James Cameron) that received the inaugural awards for Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America for his movies.

@Bill..Hadn't even heard of The Body.. gotta watch it now :)

Did you watch that movie:THE BODY?  How did you like it?

Just got in from a weekend get-away :) and I watched it over the weekend! It was awesome.. There was some things I saw in the movie that I hadn't put to thought before.. Like where the priest drew 2 or three circles inside a circle and drew a cross with a quarter oval type thing over the right hand of the cross.

Have you seen those in your studies? What about at the Vatican, are those symbols anywhere around?

Yes, I have known of the circle within a circle as being a Christian symbol.  This is why the circle (window) above the doorway to the tomb shown in another post was not considered a Christian symbol but rather what it was: a portal or window.

I am not sure what you are speaking of concerning a quarter oval over the right hand of the cross.  Nothing comes to mind.

There is of course the fish symbol that looks like an ellipse.  The only other oval I can think of is the Vesica Piscis, which is actually graphically depicted the GENESIS FORMULA, a discovery of mind from the first word of Genesis.  The Vesica Piscis is known throughout Christian art.  This Vesica Piscis is the expanse (Firmament) of the heavens in the second and fourth days of creation: it is the raison d'etre (reason for existence) of every soul coming into the world.  This is what separates the soul/psyche from every other soul/psyche in both the empyrean and every other soul/psyche on earth.

The fish symbol and the Vesica Piscis are they related? I see they've used the Vesica Piscis with a depiction of Jesus in it in the Chartres Cathedral.

As for the other symbol, I can't find it anywhere other than seeing it just that one time. But I'll try to describe it: it looks like a modern cross with the "t" horizontal and vertical lines but at the axis he drew a line to the top almost forming a letter P

   _|)_ Almost like that... Maybe it's

     |    movie fiction?

That other symbol you are speaking of: I forget what they call it, it looks something like a "P".  I have no idea what it means.

As for the Vesica Piscis: you have located one of the most perfect examples.  The Vesica Piscis is created from two intersecting circles at their midpoints: the space created between is the Vesica Piscis. One circle represents the transcendent and the other the material creation and the Vesica Piscis is the union of these two opposites.  It repressents the soul/psyche raison d'etre: reason for existence.  This is why the bible has it esoterically named as the FIRMAMENT of the heavens.

Notice how in the example you have given you see the God-Man: Christ.  The perfect symbol for the Vesica PIscis.


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