The Institute of Tibetan Classics is based in Montreal, Canada.

The Institute is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of classical Tibetan thought, culture and literary heritage. Their goal is to make the insights of classical Tibetan culture a truly shared global intellectual and spiritual resource open to all.

The Institute is in the process of compiling and publishing a 32 volume set of classic Tibetan writings in high quality, hard bound format. Currently, three volumes have been published, and 16 more are in various stages of development. Please see the complete listing here.

As an additional note, I recently purchased the volume "Mind Training". This is primarily a manual of what to do when your mind gets "flustered" and is a very common sense guide to handling the instabilities that result when the mind comes into contact with "unpleasant" sense-objects. The book is made of extremely high quality materials and is a most welcome addition to any collection of Tibetan works.

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