Here are the latest available tax returns from several Theosophical organizations.

In the US, these documents are available for public inspection. The IRS figures that since these groups are legally able to skip paying taxes, that the public has an interest, and therefore a right to examine their operations and documentation.

2008 introduced some large changes in the returns which requires much more explanation about how the organizations work. By 2011 all tax-exempt organizations will have to comply with these requirements.

There are some surprises!

More 990's will be posted for other organizations within the movement from time to time.

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TS Pasadena runs their operations thru Theosophical Endowment Corp and I have up loaded their 990.
According to the TSA report, the highest paid employee is Floyd Kettering who is paid ~70K . He works only 36 hours a week.
When bureaucrats are given control of funds, they will try to use the funds to (a) keep the recipients in line with whatever official thinking or preference is, (b) silence them due to fear of future denial of funds and (c) propogate theosophy according to their personal beliefs.
All this happens due to weaknessess and defects in human nature you will find in everywhere. For example, years ago, there was an incident where a very wellknown lecturer wanted to talk about Krishnamurti's approach to truth, no financial support was forthcoming and one of the past elected officers volunteered to finance it from the officer's personal funds and finally some funds were found to support it.
In the book - "Candles in the Sun" by Lutyens, there is a significant comment on this money issue. Till about 1920 or so, most work was done by volunteers. Mrs. Dodge, the widow of auto magnate Dodge, was an avid supporter of Theosophy. Anyone who went to her for any project, she will write a check. In due course, many lodges and sections accumulated funds and of course the leaders got the power to control the flow of funds.
What is surprising is that it seems that in some parts of the world, the idea of "salaried priests" became acceptable. Once I saw an indication of compensation to the head of a section, as this info was required to be reported to the public by law but members were not told about it. In the USA, more or more information disclosure is demanded by the congress and you can read the recent tax returns that Joe Fulton uploaded here. In the coming years, you will have access to more detailed information.


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