There seem to be a few pieces of the Tarot which are in dispute:

1) The elements Fire and Air are often switched between decks. The modern classic, started by the Golden Dawn I believe, places swords as Air and Wands as Fire. However the Older systems seem to place Swords as Fire and Wands as Air. One argument is that Swords are more Thinking - an attacking attribute; Wands as Air is a more Intuitive Suit, Since Fire and Air are somewhat dated in modern society, it makes little difference in Practice. Personally, I like Swords as Fire. I believe I am in the minority these days.

2) the debate over Strength and Justice. Which card is viii and which is xi.... ? I prefer viii as Justice and xi as Strength, The modern classic is reversed, again apparently started by the Golden Dawn. The older cards seem to go with Strength as xi, Justice as viii. Again, I like this better, and am in the minority,

3) The last is seldom discussed, or heard about. That is placing the Fool just before the World/Universe (!). That seems strange; Even to a radical like myself. The argument goes that it cannot be first ( "0" ) since it is an finalizing state of mind. However it can't go last, because it is not an ultimate completion. The Universe is that, attained after realization as depicted in the Fool (sometimes). That makes sense. This tradition seems to come from hermetic-oriented Monasteries who use the cards for meditation.

4) The Kabbalah is a good guide but still slightly different from the more ancient tarot Decks. However, it does seem to have some influence on the deck. But why should one expect such a 1-1 placement? The other statement made is that the various systems can be remapped into the kabbalah and it still works (seems to be true, if you are creative and not too regimented.

So, do people actually have a definitive "Hard" stance on these?  I think that at first glance the answer may be a "yes". However, after contemplating this - it does not matter. Pick your system and just stick with it. The readings likely do not change,

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