Hi all,

I thought you might want to get the update on what one can do to avoid Swine Flu - or cure it if you do get it: http://www.squidoo.com/preventing-swine-flu.
It's a pretty comprehensive overview, by a doctor.

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Here is an alternative view:

Swine Flu + Mainstream Media
actually, if you read the link I gave you, this isn't a hyped version at all. It states quite clearly that most people who contract the disease will feel better within a few days (which is quicker than the latest seasonal flu things, which usually took upward from a week). But some people do die if they aren't treated, so it's wise to be cautious.
Yes, sure Katinka. My post wasn't meant to contradict the perspective you offered but just to contribute an alternative view on the issue.
I've never met a doctor who recommended a vegetarian, let alone a vegan diet. But tell us non es members: what does the ES recommend?
I never know whether you're serious or joking. Do you mean TAS as in Dutch for bag?
Did you meet Henk Spierenburg in those days - sounds like you might have.
Ah, missed that thread - more humor I guess (moved there).
Right. The current flu thing can't be used as an argument to become vegetarian in my opinion (even though I am a vegetarian myself), because as long as there are pigs and birds somewhere near humans viruses can go from the one to the other. Just a fact of nature & it would not be very Buddhist to kill them all just to prevent viruses like that. This flu spreads between humans - and has to be dealt with as such.
I am vegetarian too and would certainly advice every meat-eating person to begin to ponder about the change of diet, although I think that this is an individual and complex question and that the process should be progressive.

The problem with these viruses is that they are man-made with quite sinister goals in mind. Please, see:

Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz

In Lies We Trust
I think you've made your point.


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