Swedenborg is tough to read. His vocabulary can be a hurdle. If you want to Know his Theosophy, you need to interpret his weird words correctly. Angels, Heaven etc. have odd meanings. His works inspired the creation of the first Theosophical Society organized in London in about 1785. Below is a Link for his vocabulary (and other stuff).
Swedenborg Study site:

Swedenborg's Vocabulary with Definitions

Swedenborg's Life

Swedenborg Site

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D.T. Suzuki, world renowned Zen Buddhist, was eager to translate Swedenborg from the Latin to Japanese. Some may find this book of Interest:

Swedenborg: Buddha of the North

By D.T. Suzuki
Translated by Andrew Bernstein
Foreword by Andrew Bernstein
Swedenborg Studies #5

This first complete English translation of two works by Zen scholar D.T. Suzuki introduces Emanuel Swedenborg and compares Swedenborgian thought to Buddhism.

  -- Swedenborg Society  --

I think this is a good history. It covers the links between Swedenborg, Blake, Emerson and others.

It also has some info about the Theosophical Society in London ~1784 based on Swedenborg's teachings.

This is in pdf format

The Swedenborg Society: SHORT HISTORY by Richard Lines


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