Susan and Death have a Heart to Heart on Meaning of life and Belief

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I am just wondering if this is based on about if like if when you believe in something it can become true? It is almost like this is about the imagination is a big story (or a lie, as said in the video) in order to create something to be real and to make us human then...Part of this is true I think, because with inventions if someone had not stepped out of what they had already known and had not believed something could do another function for humanity it would not be. It would not obviously 'be' because there would be no evidence to prove that it could have ever existed or what have you. Well this was sort of a fun clip to watch,I had thought. :-) 

Yeah I watched this a few times over, it's like he's trying to convey that with our imagination we are the creators of our beliefs, whether they are true or not, and with that imagination we create what it was that we wanted to see. I'm sure this can go a bit deeper than that and probably in a different direction from my point of view too lol..

The guy who made this is named Terry Pratchett, I was just introduced to some of his stuff too, but wow he can get deep, and he's a fiction writer but somehow there is so much truth ideas in his stories... almost like this video... the imaginary belief of something that isn't real (fiction) and it becoming real (non-fiction).

John Mead's a little more familiar with Pratchett.. what kind of message do you think he was trying to convey?

It seemed rather deep.

I missed the depth in this even though I love the movie and had seen it twice.
This is a crash course in theosophy.
Mind (not Brain) exists between matter and the spiritual realms. Mankind must exist between the Fallen angels and rising apes. That is the special nature of humans. Basically, humans have the ability to act in both sectors. Belief and Imagination are the attribute in humanity that makes human's unique, or to be human. Faivre nailed this concept in his definition of theosophy using imagination/belief as the entity to see Nature as alive, finding spiritual truths and beliefs.
For things to become, they must be imagined and believed in.

Ford was an example of how automobiles can become.  (a very material example).

Justice, mercy etc. can only become real after humans believe they should "be" and create the concepts and perform actions which allow these structures to become real. creating Laws, courts, (or other) etc.  to allow these items to become. Without these beliefs one would not have conservation laws and reserves as well.
Poets must believe in love and beauty etc. for the symbols of a flower, sun (sunset, sunrise etc.) stars and nature to become those aspects of which they write. Without Belief, Imagination, Faith etc. these just do not exist. The world is dead matter.

The great spiritual leaders stimulate belief to allow humanity to imagine a better world and life.
Humans cannot exist without belief. Without belief, humans are merely an ape.

(Faith  is another aspect/belief as well)


perhaps that helps?



 (fixed a few spelling errors)



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