Solving The Big Questions As If Thinking Matters by Dr. R. Wysong

The big questions are where did we come from, why are we here, and where are we going. They have plagued the human mind since whenever it was that we became self-aware on planet Earth. But no questions have been subject to more speculation, belief, and faith, nor have the answers resulted in more division and bloodshed.

This book argues that facts and reason are the classroom of God; belief and faith are the playground of evil. The materialistic/evolutionary and the common religious explanations of origins are not based upon fact and logic, but rather belief and faith.

Competently bringing together all fields of knowledge and exploration, including science, philosophy, and the paranormal, and fearlessly challenging the group-think givens, opens up exciting new vistas of understanding.

If you sense that we have a higher purpose and that this life is not all there is, but yet lack a sound scientific and rational basis, this book will fill your intellectual armamentarium. It is the only book that approaches the subject of our origin and destiny using truth as the only goal, and without the perverting biases of materialism and religion.

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