So if you were the management of the T.S. and you heard about this girasas kingdom invading in the process of forming a 6th race, what would you do?

I wrote to Betty Bland (U.S. President of The Theosophical Society in America) through a Facebook message after she replied to a comment (or link) I posted on her Facebook page. She asked me what I wanted her to do and I replied that I wanted her to somehow communicate these findings to the membership of the T.S.. Do you think this is a reasonable request?


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Honestly, no. Isn't it true that in order to help the girasas, the only thing we can do anyhow is to live as best we can, develop our intuition and so on?
This post (at bottom and in part) was written by M. Sufilight on a different discussion thread that is now being closed. I copied it here so I could continue the discussion.

In answer to Sufilight's questions, about my selection of personalities over other personalities whose work could become encouraged study (if I understand his question correctly), I think that people tend to "acquire" the works of the people whom they feel are most right or whom they understand most fully, so that group study can be the most effective in conveying the greatest good to others.

My statement about the two people in the group who were having difficulty with complementary study was that they shouldn't give up the effort. My emphasis in making a response was to attempt to direct the thinking of the correspondents away from who is the most right (and awesome) and on to what we struggle with in our human natures.

Let's say a perfect book could be produced by an Ascended Being and the human who attached their name to the book was credited with the book's existence. I'm impressed and I think the study of that book would be worthy, but if that human being were participating in the group with me, I wouldn't be focused on the book. I would be focused on the human being participating.

The Theosophical Society is a collector of sacred literature and authors who have benefited personally and who were somehow elected to share what they could glean from the sacred texts, add to the storehouse and direct us into the study of ancient works as sources.

I do not just appreciate the perfect work of an Ascended Master. What I view as an Ascended Master is a 6th race, androgynous being who is half human and half girasas (or next kingdom). Since I was not taught this directly within The Theosophical Society, I now wonder if thinking of an Ascended Master in these terms is going to be a challenge for me. I relate this information in all that I read and yet is it present anywhere openly in what we read?

How can I encourage other writers to present the idea in ways that will warn other people about this challenge that will include them as well? Do you think it makes sense to warn anyone that they are heading into a paired relationship that may not be easy for them to facilitate? I wanted liberation from rebirth. I thought that I could achieve this by following the path of occultism. Since my beginning objectives, what I once viewed as a "personal" achievement has become a passive act of giving in to a higher being residing and operating what was once my own human body. Because I view the 6th race as a drawback to personal attainment, I have "drawn back" my own energetic efforts to reach the goal because the goal in my mind changed.

Can we still somehow show appreciation for human efforts and human life in a way that will not deter others from reaching into a relationship with a girasas kingdom? I admit that my life in comparison to a girasas life is so inferior. I admit that people I meet and love could get such a greater amount of aid from the girasas, but I cannot rationalize going into a passive state so girasas can manifest themselves unless I accompany that act with full recognition that it has occurred in the way I describe it.

Do you know that my life is still quiet and small inside when the girasas acts or speaks? Do you know that I am waiting for my chance inside of that body and mind to manifest again? Do you agree that my inferior life is still a worthwhile activity for me?


Dear Brenda and friends

My views are:

Brenda wrote:
"The reason I am writing this to you is that you seem to concerned about personalities within a movement and I am, too, but in a slightly different way. I don't want to see the personalities excluded."

M. Sufilight asks:
May I ask, which one will you call "personalities", and which not, and why?
May I ask, which "personalities" in all the world do you want to include and why?

Maybe you misunderstand me. I am not interested in excluding any personalities in the whole universe. The universe is ours and everybody's, through all time. But I am rather giving emphasis to, which ones aught to be the primary authors recommended to read by a given theosophical branch. I will therefore not accept selling just any book even if I accept a great number of books being available at a given theosophical library. Books are easily scanned and copied these days. But promoting books, which one aught not to promote, I will not.
And a bookshop being promoted as the answer to all theosophical branches in an organization, might easily fail in its duty towards a fearful humanity. We need to show more heartflow officially and not so much unofficially alone, - and less promotion of fear in people through what teaching we consider acceptable.
M. Sufilight is a traditional theosophist in that he feels finding the truth is very important - more important than the people finding it. Funnily enough Krishnamurti seems to agree on this: see this krishnamurti video I recently added to

You do sound like you think personality is important - but I think what you mean is that personal transformation is important, that we all need to take responsibility and live the best we know how.
Hi Katinka,

I watched the video (and these silly posts don't seem to have quite the right order for reason which I am bewildered) (We post the same minute almost and there's a new one where there was nothing a minute ago.)

What I understand from Krishnamurti who is speaking to a Tibetan about the "experience" of meditation is that HIS personal experience has very little validity in religious matters also wanting to stress that teaching meditation in America (from foreigners migrating here) won't lead to truth because it is really a type of conformity (to another perhaps 4th subrace bent). So then he directs us into thinking about problems as a way to get to "meaning" and that making meditation a "problem" is unnecessary because we have enough problems.

With science, we do have validity. With spreading the results of experiments (rather than personal experience) we are approaching truth.

Also, personally, what I have elected to do is try to tell others about what I learned. You can verify what I learned by looking at the same books that I did. You can also think through whether this could be the truth hidden in theosophical literature and whether or not it fits adequately and in a superior way to other theories of evolution. I find that this idea of a kingdom descending does fit with Christianity. Now, the process becomes one of finding the best and most meaningful ways to entice other into either confirming the "data" or refuting the "data" that we theosophists are capable of providing to them.

Since I have for 14 years stopped my own progress and path in order to relay my new thinking on the subject of 7 races and evolution to my countrymen and fellow theosophists, I struggle to make known to you that in many senses and in many experiential overtones, I have 1) either fallen back or 2) have elected to forgo my own progress so that others may learn and progress.

I could claim either event, but the new type of event that I would like to claim is that there is a girasas working inside of me and what they want to do, I want to do. Isn't it a good thing to learn by watching them and whatever my feeble brain is able to perceive, I can direct my efforts towards - an imitation in a sense, but not an imitation of another human's proscribed method. Rather an imitation based upon my perception of a living higher kingdom.
Dear Katinka (with a beard in the photo?) and friends...

My views are:

Katinka wrote:
"M. Sufilight is a traditional theosophist in that he feels finding the truth is very important - more important than the people finding it."

M. Sufilight asks:
Do I?
Do I not encourage people to find the truth?

What I am saying is that a given theosophical branch or organisation can in reality NOT sell all the books on the planet in an online Internet Shop or even at their local branch. And neither can they sell all books claiming to be theosophical in nature. One will have to limit one-self.

The question was what kind of book-limitations and even teaching-limitation is adviceable and which one is not? - How to end the strifes among the worlds religions, sects and nations - as HPB mentioned in the Key to Theosophy, p. 2-3, as one of the main object of the TS, - and Ammonious Saccas had it also as his object? How to go seek this out - while seeking the truth, and thereby creating that Universal Brotherhood?

The 6th race in mention is not the Root Race, because that is years to come, although the beginning is in motion. That Race is going to be Ethereal according to HPB.

Yet the Kingdom in mention if I understand you correctly is something like:
The initiated live in the world, but is not of the world. The Initiated operates in the spiritual organisation, which is needed to him or her at a given time on the three lower levels, so to benefit mankind and the universe. That organisation is not always a non-fanatical theosophical one or even theosophical at all. - Theosophical teachings operates taking time, place, people and circumstances into account. Theosophical teachings are prescribed - and the receiver is not always given that the receiver wants, but seldom instead, what the Seeker spiritual need. The would-be-Seeker wants to learn, but will not when the learning or teaching is offered. Spiritual development takes time. Patience is required of the Seekers as well as of the initiated.

M. Sufilight
Isn't that what all that talk about being impersonal and not about 'personalities' is all about? that truth is more important than people?

When we talk about the 6th race, we are speaking generally about what is to come. I am talking about a 6th race that is half human and half "next kingdom" but I don't think many people consider what kind of future we are faced with.

If we take our time and gradually become more and more "blessed" with the girasas life in us, then we will continue to be born and reborn on earth many times before humanity as a whole becomes 6th race. However, if we are discouraged with being born again and again, we can get on the path and follow the directions we are given in order to escape rebirth. We can reach liberation from rebirth even now.

In order to gain liberation, we are guided through the necessary steps: purification, unity, devotion to the Godhead, etc., all advance us toward this goal. Now if I manage to interest a girasas in joining with me prior to the 6th race, it is possible that I will enjoy a life of sorts where it is they are and exist. If they exist ethereally, I will exist ethereally in them. It will be a blissful life of sorts if I experience what they experience. However, I did not expect that the girasas kingdom is descending into form on earth - in much the same way we descended into form by "invading" the animal life that existed here on earth before we got here. It was when we were the second race that we through interactions ascended the animal lifewave off the planet.

Likewise as the girasas kingdom which is hovering above us now draws closer and closer to us, the humans ascend through knowing them.

I had always read that there are only 7 kingdoms of nature that follow the rounds in this chain and that the human is the 7th. For this reason, I did not expect a higher kingdom to advance us in the same way we advance the animal kingdom.

It only works in plan form if we consider that the girasas kingdom descends into us which causes the human and angelic kingdoms ascension off this globe, and necessarily that the girasas kingdom may only develop bodies for themselves in a partial (unrestrictive) manner, whereby they are not confined in forms on this globe after they ascend us, but they continue to live freely within a larger evolutionary scheme that is not restricted to 7 globes and rounds.

While we don't know whether they have forms on a globe or not, or what their forms are like, we view an ascended master as a human, but are told that they can take this form at will. What must they really be like as a kingdom beyond our own?
Loving the girasas might mean striving to do what we see them do and for this I need to retain at least a portion of my faculties. Let's not forget what we're dealing with.
Is anyone denying that?
Truth to go then?
Well, Martin, there are still a large number of people arguing evolution. It could change their life.
Brenda, is the girasas kingdom invasion a "heard about" i.e. heresay or a "finding" i.e. fact more or less? I suppose the answer depends on who is answering?

It is quite possible, from my timeful perspective, that you or someone else for that matter has or will become aware of specific information that would be helpful for others of us (me included) to know. That is why I study and contemplate across a broad spectrum of possibilities. It is also possible that the information that you have discovered about the girasas is too far advanced for me to assimilate into my own world-view in any practical way at my current level of understanding.

From what I have been able to understand about the girasas, I am comfortable with the notion that my Better Self is my girasas link and in those times that I am MY BETTER SELF IN ACTION I am linked with my 6th race Higher Self girasas. This is keeping with my understanding from a timeless perspective that the 6th race is right here, right now in this present moment. Yes, it may take me another 425,000 years to fully realize it, but I believe that the Unity of All (including all the past, present, and futuretime) exists in this present moment whether I can fully experience it or not.

So to answer your question, yes, I think your request is reasonable from your perspective, however I also think that Ms. Bland's decision concerning your request will have its own reasonableness from her perspective, no matter her decision.

"We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."

--T.S. Eliot


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