On theosopher.net menu you will find the entry Forum. There is a menu item Self-help & Soul work. The self-help section is now finished! Although it is designated as an introduction, it is rather comprehensive in scope. It deals with many topics, as you will see. It is intended for those of us who can use a little support, guidance or ideas on how to work on ourselves, how to become a more integrated person. Can't we all use some support in this?


As to the soul work, work on a deeper level than mere personality: this will be a very short page. Most of these things are intuitively done. A few things can and will be pointed out. The need for finding a wholesome group to work in is such an obvious point. No one is isolated from others. Certainly in this coming Aquarius age the qualities of the heart need to be developed. The world needs these more than ever.

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