This is rather a carry-over of the sub-discussion in Rene Wadlow's Blog post:

Fire of Reconciliation in the Wider Middle East

Rene's Blog was not the place for the posts attacking Abrahamic Religions and others.

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My point was/is that no Religion is safe from extremists. I include HPB theosophy in that statement.

Here is a current event to consider.

After Myanmar Buddhists started ethnic cleansing of Muslims (Sep.2017), we see another case of Eastern Religions in a religious war. All radical religious groups are guilty, it is not just the Abrahamic Religions.

Sadly, the provisions for Jihad are met. i.e. they were denied the right to practice their own faith, in Peace.


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This is a blog post which should be added in this discussion.

The link contains an academic study of Islamic violence:

Quran terrorism + analysis


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