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Introduction with Commentary also a covering article

Our recommendation is that you give yourself time to let the content of the Introduction and Letters settle. In time it will settle and from this
place may come useful and important questions. If those questions are put
forward to us we will ensure that certain of them are passed onto Kuthumi
for him to make his reply. In this way we hope to get some much needed
constructive dialogue going with the Hierarchy on the subject of 2012.

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The Red Letters




I am Kuthumi.  Many of you know of me as Master K.H.; some of you know that at this time I stand at the
head of those who teach on the Second Ray. It is in this capacity that I
address you now.

The identity of my collaborator in this undertaking is a matter of no concern. It is consistent with both the aim of the exercise and the wishes of my
collaborator that the intermediary’s role be obscured by direct
reportage of what was said by me during our many interviews which
commenced as the year 2004 closed. 

The aim of this undertaking is to put in place knowledge that will equip us to deal with the events of 2012. I say ‘we’ because in this matter the
Hierarchy is one with mankind, and preparing you for this momentous event
is something for which, long ago, the Hierarchy assumed full

These communications will take the form of a series of open letters, twelve in all, laying out the considerations that will shape man and his
spirituality after the Planetary Initiation that will reach the physical
stage of expression in 2012.

These communications are designed to have a wide readership; they are not simply for those with an interest in esoteric teachings. The delivery is
intentionally direct and factual. My collaborator and I have put much
effort into finding the words and expressions that will make these
communications easy to understand.

I am calling these communications the Red Letters and, as you read them, I encourage you all to ponder why this should be.

The awareness that major physical changes will occur on our Planet in 2012 is growing apace. Yet for all this, the reality is that we are we are facing
this time seriously ill-equipped.

My brothers, from the spiritual angle mankind is in a worse condition than it has been at any time in the modern age. In other periods, materialism has
held mankind in its grip and spirituality has been downgraded and
rejected, but there has never been a time when materialism has been called
spirituality, as is the case now. The confusion that is resulting from
this is costing you dearly[i].

Humanity has made extraordinary choices in the past 100 years. It has chosen ease and egotism; but it did not have to be this way. The knowledge that would
have informed other, more helpful choices has been available for

For its part, the Hierarchy has both underestimated the problem and made errors of judgment.  Our
biggest error was that we did not envision that man would reject the
knowledge and perspectives of the Initiate in preference for astral
excitement. We anticipated a different response to the knowledge that we
have provided in the last century[ii].
We assumed that it would be a spur to mental development, and we failed to
read aright. the signs that were telling us that this was not the case.
Our sense of commitment and responsibility have not lessened, and it is
with deep sorrow that we work now to try and improve the situation

My collaborator has had to be made aware of this sorrow and it has been a heavy burden, one of many connected with this undertaking.

As I have said, in this matter mankind and the Hierarchy are one. As you might say, we are in this together. We appreciate that more detail about
the purpose and nature of events in 2012 may help mankind to focus on its
own role, and such detail is the substance of this Introduction.

Let it be understood that survival of the physical events of 2012 is matter of choice because the necessary warnings and organisation, and the knowledge
of how to survive will all be in place.

How many will choose to leave their possessions and attachments? This is the nature of the choice to be made[iii].

The Red Letters are for those who would cut through astral confusion and remain on dry land. They are for those who intend to survive 2012 
to take mankind on to the next stage of its journey.



The nature of the Event

The nature of the occurrences of 2012 will be appreciated where there is understanding of the mystery of baptism and, specifically, the purpose of

Immersion in water heals and restores. There are those who view the immersion of an infant at baptism as an act of unkindness because that is the way that
human thinking has gone; and there are those who will view the immersion
of terra firma in water as a judgement upon mankind. This is not the case.

In 2012, to permit it to raise its vibration, the planet will see its most polluted parts immersed. Physical pollution reflects astral pollution. Man
is partially, but not wholly, responsible for creating those astrally low
places but, unavoidably, he is caught up in the situation. It is the habit
of self-centredness that makes him think he is the cause.

As a general statement, the terrain north of 65 degrees will be above the global upheaval. This will be the safe zone[iv].

There will be other locations below 65 degrees North pre-designated as safe, and information about them will be released at appropriate times, through the
appropriate channels.

The territory above 65 degrees North is open to anyone who is able to make and to take the decision to leave what is familiar to him.

Survival is a matter of choice.

The physical process

On December 17th & 18th 2012, the configuration of planets interacting with stellar influences will pull our planet  into
a more upright position[v].

The situation may be likened to a bent person straightening up.

This motion will change the moon’s orbit.

Amongst the effects of this will be, that:

1. The moon will be visible from only a relatively small proportion of the Earth’s surface

2. The changed angle of Earth’s axis in respect of the sun will create a more temperate and more uniform climate on the planet

3. The changed angle of its axis will also mean that new constellation will be identifiable from Earth[vi].

In time, as a result of this process, the energies removed from Earth and infusing with the moon will bring about a similar process on the moon
itself which will then develop its own moon. This involutionary process,
however, need not be our concern.

The effect upon Man

These changes will encourage the consciousness of mankind to orient itself differently. Man will become more spiritual in the sense that its mental
capacity will increase as lower energies are expelled.

Amongst these lower energies are the involutionary tendencies. As these are expelled, so man’s astral body will be cleansed of its separatist
tendencies. Although his astral vehicle will still constitute his lower
principles, that part of man will not be involutionary, as is the case at

The increasing of mental capacity means that man will respond differently to stellar energies.

As stated previously, new constellations will also be created by the changed relationship of Earth to the celestial backdrop and this will admit new
influences into Earth’s energy field

The Zodiac

Although it will not change in its construction, the Zodiac will be understood differently because a higher energy will be able to flow through it. The
result of this will be that it will become more expressive of man’s
potential and less concerned with his liabilities.

Each man will know his purpose and he will school his emotional nature to assist him fulfil that purpose.

The purpose of the Zodiac will be to encourage and direct aspiration and exist as a matrix for the refinement of man’s astral vehicle. Rather than
distributing energy as is the case at present, the signs will be perceived
to act as magnets, drawing emotional energy upwards and giving it

The Astrology of the future will emphasise the Seven Suns, and the esoteric and the Hierarchical rulers of the signs, which are as the Master DK has
given out. The conventional rulers of the signs will be abandoned.

The twelve spiritual principles outlined in these Letters anticipate the Zodiac of the future.

Amongst the Hierarchy, it is hoped that the present time will see preparation being made for these changes.

The Spirituality of Man

At present, the emotional body of man is dominated by selfish, separatist urges and his spirituality is a response to these urges. Spirituality now
is shaped by the efforts of the isolated individual to hold down his lower

The spirituality of the future will be based upon a realisation of potential. The difference between these two assumptions and, in consequence, in the
quality of the spirituality arising from them is far greater than you

Owing to the involutionary nature of the lower self at present spiritual impulse meets with resistance. This will not be the case in the future when
man’s emotional nature will welcome the energy that is to refine and
direct it. Man’s spirituality will be informed by the need to give
structure and direction to the emotional self.  At
present the emotional self does not want this kind of discipline: it wants
to be allowed to gratify its selfish, separatist urges.

At the time of and after 2012, survival will be dependent upon group endeavour and co-operation will be the centre-piece of consciousness where
now is self-centredness.

Earth will become a more harmonious and constructive place, a place where God’s plan meets with conscious cooperation.

The religion of the future will be based upon the recognition and reverence of the Intelligences residing in each of the twelve signs, and upon
encouraging co-operation with them. The nature of these Intelligences will
be understood through their Hierarchical 
rulers, and man will attend at their altars. They will be more
influential than the parents in the shaping of a child’s life[vii].

Man’s emotional body

The emotional body of Man will be refined by the cataclysmic events of  in 2012 and will become aspirational in nature. At present aspiration represents the highest expression of a vehicle driven by

After 2012 the etheric body of our planet will support only those members of the human family with the heart centre open or ready to open.  Those who have not attained this level of development will go,
of necessity, into another system, into which the animal kingdom will
eventually gain entry[viii].

This is not the first time that such a process of refinement has removed from the planet’s etheric body members of the human kingdom below a certain
level of development. Tracking the withdrawal of involutionary lines,
however, has never been a part of the teaching of the Masters.

Beside, man knows it. Over the ages, his consciousness has been impressed by this knowingness and by the need to look to himself. He does not need to be
told anymore. His need is to take note of what he knows.

In the time that remains, practice replacing covetousness with aspiration, and isolation and self-centredness with purposeful endeavour. Express the
quality of life bestowed upon you by the Sun in its sign and become
yourself a conscious, active, contributing part of our Solar Logos, for it
is He whom we name when we speak of God.

There are now places on Earth where you can walk and be strengthened in who you are and what you know. Find these places out and help yourselves as we try
to help you.

My brothers, these communications are offered as a challenge but also as a lifeline.




[i] The principal problem is that spiritual ideas are being used to strengthen and support egotism
and separation. Spirituality has been taken hostage by the lower self.
Spiritual self-importance, imagined levels of development,
acquisitiveness, misuse of the astral plane and laziness are amongst
the most prevalent negative manifestations of this confusion of
spirituality and materialism. Yet the situation is different from the
state of affairs at the time of Atlantis. It is less that psychic
power is being abused as, we are told, was the case then; it is rather
that powerlessness - passivity, negativity and hopelessness - has
taken grip of mankind.

[ii] Spiritual aspirants have remained passive in their expectations, waiting for rewards, signs of
favour and selfishly using the astral plane to take rather than to
give out.

[iii] There are considerations of two kinds here:

i) For the individual, facing 2012 in a state of preparedness and consciousness which involves working on self to raise vibration and open the heart centre.

ii) For the member of the human race, thinking beyond 2012 and of the need for physical vehicles of quality to accommodate those returning to
incarnation to take mankind on into the future.

[iv] Below 65S is also to be considered outside the danger zone, but for reasons which are to do
with the geography, history and energy of the South pole, this is not
able to support human life in the same way as the North pole.

[v] At present the ecliptic (path of the Earth round the sun) is at an angle of 23 degrees to its
pole. This is will reduce by 8 degrees to15. The authority for this
statement is DK.

[vi] As KH goes on to say: the creation of new constellations through the changed angle of Earth’s
poles will admit new energies to human and planetary consciousness.

[vii] KH hints at this in Letter XII.

[viii] The Zodiacal intelligences are known by those involved in high (white) magic but
they have had no place in Western spirituality in modern times,
although DK prepares the ground for this in Esoteric
As the constellations (Great Lives) send energy into
our solar system, using the agency of the planets which then give to
the sun, so through our own (small) lives, we distribute energy in
accordance with our Zodiacal profile, and give to the sun of human
consciousness and possibility.

© DK Foundation 2005


Question: How has it come to this  spiritually parlous state of affairs?

Answer: The Hierarchy guides; it does not control.

There are many ways to the same place; and we were confident that, in time, some of the routes being taken out of the body of the teaching given by the
Hierarchy would lead to the desired goal. This has ever been the way that
the Hierarchy has worked with man.

The Hierarchy serves the goals that man has to achieve; it does not establish them. They come from the needs of the larger system.

The goal now is the raising of the vibrational level of man which will come from, and only from, the development of mental capacity.

In fact, each generation has given an extraordinary[1] response to the teachings. The early Theosophist reacted in a way that you
could not imagine or understand today. But we have had to persist because
men have to develop mentally and we had to hope that, eventually, the
rabbit would come out of the hat, as you might say. 
But, by 2003, it was clear to us that this was not going to happen;
mankind was not at the required level.

We do not talk about failure, and hope that you do not either, but the need to be at a certain level by a certain time brings a significant factor and
new consideration into this situation. We had to review the situation and
take action.

In truth, the vibrational rate is far too low: man is committing suicide and we cannot prevent it nor change the requirements laid upon him by the
system of which he is a part. Mankind rises and falls together - for as
long as there is a need to reincarnate. The weight of the mass must hold back
the most advanced  If man
could be controlled there would be no point to him. We can only watch in
great sorrow. We never envisioned a time when man himself would lose
interest in the experiment of life on Earth.

KH / February 2005


[1] When KH uses this term he usually means unexpected and disappointing. 

Question:  Would K.H say something about the ownership/control of land immediately before
and after 2012?  Will we be obliged to fight bloody territorial wars?

G.H / UK

Answer:  There will be no warfare because no government will be involved. Your governments will remain in denial of the happenings up until the end. Know
this but do not waste time in deploring or in trying to change this state
of affairs. By their denial your governments will preserve law and order,
which will enable those who are making arrangements to go about their
affairs efficiently and unmolested.  

Keeping law and order best contribution that your governments can make because there is no place in the events of 2012 for a mass survival strategies
that will keep alive frightened, negative people who will then succumb to
disease. They are better to die.

Those who do intend to survive will form themselves into a body that will work across national boundaries, quite independent of the state structures.
Numbers of such people will be small. The Hierarchy estimates that around
0.07 per cent of the world’s population will make the choices and the
arrangements that will ensure their survival

Survival will depend upon harmony and cooperation. Recognition of this will be a condition of inclusion, both in the group organising evacuation and in the
post 2012 order.

KH / March 2005

Question:  As I read the Red Letters and especially Letter VIII, as my Sun is in
Scorpio, I ponder the message contained herein—“help others understand
the process of which they are part”. Perhaps it is easy for me, as I am
a student of astrology, as well as the Ancient Wisdom, and can better
understand the messages conveyed here in the language of astrology. But
how to convey this message to others who, by and large, consider anything
related to the field of astrology to be bogus. 
These are not ignorant or uncaring individuals, but people brought
up in a world of materialism who believe in what they can perceive with
their five senses. Many are devoted Christians who are apt to take a very
skeptical view of any spiritual message in conflict with their religious
beliefs. So how can I step down this information to a more practical
level, where it can be received with some sense of urgency and believing
by those outside of the spiritual and astrological community?


Answer:  The personality thinks in terms of survival at any cost, but the perspectives of the personality are not suitable for preparing for the events of 2012.

Handle the knowingness that you have as you would an invitation, which was the way in which it was given to you.

First before issuing the invitation, the invitee considers the nature of the event and for whom it might be suitable but beyond that point he has no
control. His invitation sets in motion a process that involves the
recipient in receiving, considering, deciding and then acting upon the
decision made. The recipient can decline at any stage in the process. If
he cannot, then he is being coerced, not invited. 

As I have said in reply to another question there is no place in the events of 2012 for coercion or mass survival strategies that will keep alive
frightened, negative people who will then succumb to disease. They are
better to die.

It is anticipated that no more that 0.07 per cent of the world’s population will receive and take up the invitation to survive the event of 2012. And
that is as it has to be.

KH /  March 2005  

The Externalisation of the Hierarchy 

Question:  May I humbly inquire as to why plans for the reappearance of the Christ, and
externalization of the Hierarchy (as described in the AAB books) were
seemingly abandoned? I ask not in the expectation of humanity being
"saved" from the coming events of 2012. But when the Christ,
working through the Initiate Jesus, performed miracles of healing, and
taught publicly, people listened and responded. Today, in the modern era,
the Christ and Masters would not be limited to the comparatively small
audience Jesus had due to local geography. Modern communication systems
would allow the Christ and Hierarchy to reach people all over the world. I
cannot believe their presence and teachings would be ignored by humanity.
Whether the response would have been sufficient to alter present events is
uncertain. But I am astonished that the attempt was not made by our



Answer:  I welcome this question, my brother, and although, at first, you will find my words hard to bear, with acceptance will come release from an unhelpful
attachment. In asking this question publicly you are creating for others
too the chance of liberation. For this reason I thank you. Much turns upon
clearing up this misunderstanding, and so I do not address you alone but
all who wait.

The Hierarchy has externalised itself. We have come quietly and quickly into the room whilst you have been intent upon another doorway.

Over a period of thirty years the Hierarchy has allowed its quality to be externalised through
the identities who you call the Masters. This process was still on trial
when the Master DK spoke of Externalisation through Alice Bailey; but now
hundreds upon thousands of people know of the Lords of Sacrifice and how
they serve humanity.

We do not perceive ourselves as you see us. We are Agnishvattas, an Intelligence. The Masters as you understand them are, to us, like hands,
hands extended in friendship for men and women to reach and hold. A hand
is simply a part of a body but those who can read a hand know that its
quality externalises the inner being. We have shown our hands.

For what purpose have we done this? Why have we extended our hands? So that you can pull us down onto your level and have us entertain you with a
spectacle that you could see on a film? What would be the purpose of that
when the need is for you to learn to access our level?

We have externalised our quality through the Masters so that humankind can more readily interact with us and establish a working relationship with
us. We are waiting for you to understand that the Externalisation of the
Hierarchy is for the purposes of guiding awakened people who are willing
to take responsibility and work on behalf of the evolution of human
consciousness, not to offer miracles and displays to those who remain sunk
in materialism. The days of that are long over.

What would it mean to you if the Hierarchy were to expend the unconscionable amount of energy that it would take to engage with the dense physical
plane? You are surfeited with cinematic images of sights that defy logic.
Mankind has long since lost the ability to distinguish between the true
and the counterfeit. The miraculous means nothing to you. Within weeks the
Masters would be commonplace and you would be looking for something else
to excite you.

More impressive because they are so rare are acts of unstinting generosity, true kindness and wisdom between men. Let those acts bear witness to a
higher reality.

The way to see us is through dedicated service because we recognise our own kind. Mankind has to grow up and use its head. You will see us then.  My collaborator and I walk and talk together every morning at
an hour which many call ungodly. My brothers, if you but knew!

There are amongst you now other modest, hard working people who have understood the nature of the invitation from the Hierarchy and are going about their
business of service, guided and informed by their Masters. They are trying
to show the way to others but mostly people look past them, in search of
more exotic teachers who, whilst valuable time is passing, would keep them
in a child-like state of dependence, fed on a diet of extravagant claims,
promises and astral titillation.

What could we have achieved together had there been more people ready to work and fewer waiting to be thrilled like children promised a visit to one of
your abominable circuses? How numerous are the solutions that we could
have found in these years?

We have not forgotten you and the Christ will never forget His pledge to return but His place is the citadel of light in the human head and it is
not yet ready. Where are the workers? They are standing expectantly at the
door through which departed the Nazarene 2,000 years ago, broken by his
efforts on behalf of the unbelievers. 
Are you so attached to spectacles that you would see this happen

No my friends, in the Aquarian Age, mankind helps itself. It is for you now to open the eyes of the unbelievers, by the example that you set in your
own lives, by the knowledge that you have been given and by the sacrifices
that you are able to make. This way you will also prepare the place for
the Christ’s return.

The Hierarchy will come no closer but we watch and we wait and we send our messages of guidance and encouragement through those who have learned to
talk with us.

Paul, the great epistle writer, was one who learned, and in his Letter to the Corinthians he said this:

When I was a child I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man I put childish things away.

I say to you now put childish things away now and prepare yourself to join forces with those who serve mankind. Now you see through a glass darkly
but then face to face.


Preparing ourselves and our young children

Question:  I just read the Red Letters. My heart (like Master KH says to hear them from
the heart) tells me that there is reality and truth in every word written
in them.

I would like to ask a question though.

There are no provisions in the introduction for parents like me to prepare ourselves as well as our young children for this event (mentally,
spiritually, and physically). They (our children) are usually not fully
conscious of making decisions as monumental as that, and we usually make
the decisions for them (not always but most of the time).

Where do we start?


Answer:  My sister,

Do you not think that children have the knowingness of what must be? Do you not think they will enjoy the adventure?

Do not fill them with your own fears. Infants are in the Arien stage of life; they will run on ahead. Be strong for them and let them guide you in the
choices that you have to make. They know more than you know. That
statement may be taken two ways, and both meanings apply here.

Deal with the matter as you would any other: as it comes up and when the occasion requires. Permit your children take what they hear from you into
the playground and circulate it in their own way. By this means awareness
will be extended. There will be many adults who will come to hear of the
developments of 2012 for the first time from their children, and others
again who will throw off apathy and defeatism because of them.

There will be children playing on the eve of destruction and on the morning after! In that unquenchable spirit is the hope of mankind.

When you see the illustration now in preparation for the sign Aries*, place the image of your children on those steps, running towards the portal. In that
scene you will find your answer and the inspiration for which you seek.

Share this with your sisters.


May 2005

* the illustrations for each sign of the Zodiac will be available at the close of 2005. (DKF)

Duration and timing

Question:  I'm trying to assess the viability of survival strategies for 2012 additional to that offered in the Introduction to the Red Letters. It seems implicit
that the Earth's baptism will be of short duration if the animals and the
vegetable kingdom are to survive. Would K.H tell us more about the
duration and timing of the twin processes of Earth's axial realignment and
the land's inundation by water? Will the inundation be from the sky or
from the sea?



Answer:  Earth is moving: it moves ceaselessly in space, spinning on its access and moving around the Sun. Man does not experience this movement directly but through its effects. So it will be
with the axis shift of 2012. It is not how long it takes to for the Earth
to change the angle of its axis that is of significance to man – he will
not be aware of that whether it takes a minute, a day, or longer, but how
long it takes him to adjust to the effects of this movement; and this will
depend upon many things, not least how well prepared he is physically and

Earth will continue to support life through this process and after it but intelligent life will have to find out how and where. Animals and birds
will follow their instincts, man will have to organise himself around what
he knows, organizing also the domestic animals and, to some degree, the
vegetable kingdom.

For the Earth this is the start of a new cycle. All the geographical changes that occur will become features of that new cycle, as will the chain of
reactions to those changes. It is not therefore a matter of either ‘from
the sea or from the sky’: it will be both in different places at
different times, although the seas will be the first to register the
effects of the axis shift and the corresponding change in the moon’s
orbital relationship with our planet.

The amount of time involved in the Earth’s cleansing and healing is too great for the human mind to grasp. The effect of it will be that assisting
Earth will become part of the human experience and, in consequence,
formative of human consciousness.

To view the events of 2012 as a disaster from which a familiar order will eventually re- emerge is quite inadequate. The present, familiar order
will be gone for ever. Never again will man be able to take our planet for
granted and to exploit its life forms in the way that he has done. The
inability of so many to engage meaningfully with the realisation that the
present order is about to be destroyed is a consequence of 
the presumptuous belief that nothing on this scale could possibly
be allowed to happen to them.

Man’s immediate concern is to work out how to organise himself in the safe zones. With this the Hierarchy will help all we can but we have to tread
very carefully and give out information with great circumspection because
there is still time for selfish interests to spoil the opportunities for
human life that exist in those places.



The dissolution of material things and pollution

Question: What will become of all the material things that humanity has created over the last 150 years? Will they dissolve in time?
What about the nuclear plants and other toxic waste...if they
are submerged in the oceans will the oceans be toxic...is this
something that will have to dealt with? Will this event
disrupt the satellites in the atmosphere?



Answer:  This is a useful question, my sister, both in itself and in the opportunity that it provides for me to make clear a point upon
which at present there is much confusion.

What has been brought into being on the physical plane has to work itself out in time and in accordance with its quality. This is
nature of the experience which Earth supports and 2012 will
not change this.

Responsibility has never been a feature of satellite technology, still less nuclear processing, and is unlikely to enter the situation now
to help lessen the devastating effect of the pollution and
other dangers connected to the loss of control of aerial
objects and nuclear installations. What will end with 2012,
however, is the creation of new causes of this kind of
contamination. This will leave Nature able to find her own
solutions, uncompromised by the profit motive or the other
considerations which have made men so wilfully blind to the
consequences of what they are unleashing upon the environment
and upon future generations.


This undeniably bleak picture of pollution and contamination post-2012 is the consequence of the outworking of man’s
values and priorities of modern times, and not of the axis
shift. The shift is a part of Earth’s evolution, an event
foretold that could have occurred without the attendant
man-made hazards, which are of a scale which makes it
inevitable that they will kill as many people as the
geographical changes themselves.

If you are clear about this distinction you will be able to understand how without being in any way the cause of the shift
itself, man is creating the physical conditions with which he
must then contend.  Those
who will see this will be able to understand much about free
will and of the need to exercise choice responsibly and
purposefully throughout their lives.

At the present time there are in incarnation three generations who should have been born into and brought up with this
awareness, but because thinking has remained insistently
self-centred and self-deceiving, only a very few individuals
understand as yet that personal salvation is a contradiction
in terms. The truth is that we are one with each other and one
with the Earth.

As I have said elsewhere, never again will man be able to harm the environment in the way that he is doing at present because
Earth will no longer support those who in their thinking
cannot embrace the planet as a whole. Quite simply, their
vibration will be too low.

Lessons learned late are often lesson learned hard but because of this they impress consciousness in ways that mean they are never
forgotten. It is for this reason that 2012 represents the
start of new era for mankind.

Domestic animals

Question: I just wanted to add that I have pondered on the latest posting but really would like to have some more specific clues from KH
on how to organize relations to the different domestic
animals. Beside it is hard to imagine that fishing as a food
source and even meat is something we can do without.

It is as if some "outside" help will be greatly needed if we should be able to set a new course in this, even if we
take the initial steps ourselves. It seems we just have to
trust this.



Answer:  After 2012, mankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom will become more detached as, in the new era, the animals’
evolution will take them out of the Earth system. 
This does not mean that there will not be animals on
Earth, nor that they will not be irresistibly attracted to man
as a means of learning, but that the relationship will be
based upon what man does not
do to them i.e. what he leaves them free to do when he no
longer eats their flesh or exploits them. And a human race
with its heart centre open will do neither.


Then, man’s primary relationship will be with the vegetable kingdom which will feed him and which he will nurture. The
evolution of the vegetable kingdom will accelerate as a result
of this in ways that we have seen foreshadowed at Findhorn in

As regards domestic animals in the  context of 2012 you must do what you think best,
bearing always in mind that there are few things that men can
do for animals which they, obeying their instincts, cannot do
for themselves.

KH  2005


The Religion of the Future

Question: In your introduction, under the Spirituality of Man, you tell us
that the religion of the future will be based upon the
recognition and reverence of the Intelligences residing in
each of the twelve signs, and upon encouraging co-operation
with them.

I am wondering whether there will be an Avatar for this new age, as before, at the start of the Piscean age, when the Lord
Jesus laid down the Christian principles that became a
religion for the past 2000 years. 
If guidance for this New Age does not come in the form
of an Avatar, how then will we be made aware of this new
religion? You have said before that there will not be a Savior
as we must save ourselves, but will there be a teacher who
leads the way?



Answer:  Mankind always has been provided with the teachers that it needs. This most necessary service undertaken by the Hierarchy has never
failed; nor will it fail at any time in the future.

The teachers that you will need after 2012 will be with you then. You may depend upon it. Whether they will conform to what now
you envision is another matter. Teachers meet the requirements
of the time by expressing the aspect of Truth that serves it
the best.

That so much of mankind feels bereft, vulnerable and distrustful is a consequence of an attachment to his impressions, often quite
erroneous, of the kind of teachers who came to serve the needs
of a different time. In this matter, as in all areas of life,
men restrict themselves by their preconceptions and
attachments, with the results that upon this most bounteous
planet they will not believe that they have enough of what
they need nor recognise and trust the voices that would guide

Many are now saying  that when  there are so
many false teachers, it is difficult to know to whom to give
attention; therefore they await some distant time when who are
the true teachers will be a self-evident matter.

It is evident now, my brothers. Listen! It is all in the sound. Did you not learn by listening how to distinguish between your
child’s cry of real need and the attention seeking grizzle;
between the different sounds of the full and empty vessel? 
Often distrust, disenchantment and sentimental
attachment are serving the part of self that does not want to
have to commit to anything that might disrupt the familiar
materialistic round. Men fail to hear what they fear to hear.

The teachers that you need now are amongst you now and their work is to prepare you mentally and to position yourselves
physically in order to engage with those who are to come. 
The steps to the future are made from the substance of
the present time.

My collaborator knows something of the arrangements and is at liberty to write about them outside of these Letters.

Suffice it to say here that after 2012 the teaching will be of two kinds. Man will be taught:

1.How to become responsible inhabitants of the planet and how to hear and to respond to the Earth’s needs.

2.The  principles of the new religion.

The first will precede the other in time, and men will graduate from planetary service to understanding principles that, as
they enlarge the capacity of their hearts and minds, will open
the door to possibility. The teachers that are needed for each
of these stages will be available at the appropriate time.


August 2005

Accessing Knowledge

Question: The many experimental community projects, such as Findhorn, being
conducted around the world and based on the philosophy of
permaculture seem to indicate the way we all will live post
2012, but the subject is so vast - if studied down to a
practical level - that no individual or small group can hope
to master it. A wide distribution of specialist knowledge will
force us to cooperate if we are to do more than simply
survive, and each of us it seems must specialise in a
different field in order to make a useful contribution to the
whole. What worries me is that specialist knowledge of a vital
and practical nature is still in relatively few hands. But
assuming that that knowledge and co-operation will exist after
2012, how can the practice of permaculture help a vegetarian
humanity in the lands above 65 degrees north where plant life
is inhibited by an inhospitable environment? With less than
eight years to go, what steps must we take to 'prepare the
ground' for human habitation?



Answer:  I welcome this question, my brother, both for itself and for the opportunity to deal with a wider matter that it creates for me
at this time.

Firstly, I will deal with the content of the question.

Each of you who would live through the events of 2012 must become more familiar with the practice of distinguishing between what
you can change and what you cannot change. At present there is
much unrealistic thinking in this area. On the one hand there
are those talking about trying to avert the events, and on the
other there are those waiting for orders from some unspecified
source. Neither of these extremes represents a suitable

It is for each person to clarify his intention and to take personal responsibility for his decision. The greater the
number of individuals taking personal responsibility, then the
greater the opportunity for humanity collectively. Eight years
is not a long time if only a handful of people are actively
involved in preparations for 2012, but each of you is a
resource. If 100 people are actively involved then you have 8
years x 100; if 1,000 then the time available increases to 8
years x 1,000, and so on. 

If you consider that there is a need for more knowledge to be made available, whether the subject area is permaculture or
any other, take the responsibility to seek out that knowledge
yourself, or directly assist another to find it. The knowledge
exists to be found and such initiatives could be coordinated
by this project.

The reason it is in the hands of so few is less to do with that knowledge being withheld, and more with the consequence of so
few people being ready to accept responsibility. No matter how
it may appear to you, the real problem is not lack of detailed
knowledge but the lack of interest that is restricting its
circulation. And it will remain deprived of its rightful value
for as long as so many of those who are aware of 2012 are
distracting themselves with foolish expectations of salvation
or opportunities to escape from material reality. Such ideas
do not come from the Hierarchy, my brothers. Why would we
encourage you to find hope in mirages when the price of these
fantasies is inertia and a lack of readiness? In
the Age of Aquarius man saves himself by what he knows.

Cooperation and organisation are features of Aquarian activity. There will be large areas of land in the more southerly latitudes capable
of supplying food stuffs to those in the North to supplement
the production achieved by the application of knowledge to
this seemingly unpromising terrain. The Hierarchy will not yet
release details about the southern locations because the
necessary organisations are not in place. What are these
‘necessary organisations’? They are groupings of
responsible, committed, clear- thinking individuals capable of
acting in the common good and not simply their own selfish
interests. As yet such individuals do not exist in numbers
sufficient to make up the needed organisations.

This brings me to the second point that I would make on this occasion. One of the consequences of this lack of readiness is
that, having conceived the idea of what has become known as
the Red Letters project, the Hierarchy, in full awareness of
what a serious burden upon their time and resources it would
prove to be, had no choice but to place the new undertaking
with people who were already carrying a weight of
responsibility. As there was no help for it we did not waste
time in regret, any more than those at the DK Foundation, upon
whom the administration of this project has fallen, have
wasted time in complaint. All true servers know that their own
comfort is not a consideration. The fact remains, however,
that those involved in this project cannot be discharged from
certain prior commitments, as important in their own way as
this, and so it has been agreed amongst us that from September
onwards they should be released from this undertaking for a
period of some four months in order to attend to those duties.
During this time there will be no further communications from
me by means of this platform.

This four month period will create a useful intermission during which those who have read the communications to date can get
over the inevitable initial shock and become more familiar
with the content of the Red Letters.

In the New Year (2006) we will start Phase Two with, it is to be hoped, some more questions. Should there not be any suitable
questions put forward for the New Year then Phase Two will be
held up. To mask the lack of intelligent interest would serve
no useful purpose. Better by far that we allow the true state
of play to be seen and for that to deliver its own harsh

My brothers, this is not the time for soothing words but for throwing out challenges. Spirit has ever challenged form to
yield up the highest of which it is capable. If it did not
there would not be evolution, not of form itself nor of the
indwelling consciousness.

In service, KH

August 2005

Question: What does "an open heart centre" mean?

Looking with keen eyes around me and every day of my life, I can't help asking in my mind: What does "an open heart
centre" mean?

it is said that there are lots of people of goodwill, that there are also people demonstrating the Will-to-Good. Has it got
something to do with WILL?

It isn't quite clear yet what sort of human beings the New Earth will keep to itself!



Answer:  To have the heart centre open is to feel bonded with all others
and one with life.

It is to know joy and peace and to understand that love is knowing the fit of self with
– other people and life as a whole.

To have the heart centre open is to have no enemy, not within self nor without.  The
shades of self-doubt and fear of other are banished.

To have the heart centre open is to love every day and every heartbeat. It is to know the point of it all, apart from
concepts and theories.  This
knowingness is connected to the sense of the fit of self with

To have the heart centre open is to love the Earth and everything that moves and takes its place upon it. 
Spiritual discipline consists in applying this
knowingness to benefit all kingdoms in nature.

Will that do as a start?

Through the opened heart centre the nobility of man and, indeed, the very point of him is revealed. 
Every opened heart is a sunrise for our Logos, a new
day in creation.

Who has known the power of the human heart can never be cynical, nor fear himself. Thus he can be himself.

With love to my brother.


Summer Solstice 2006  

Question:   I
am well-braced because I think I might be blown away by the answer ---
my question has to do with money. (Is that typical for a Taurean to
ask?) What's going to happen to the euro, the dollar, the pound and
every other form of currency and money/energy/exchange if all the banks
collapse / will the banks collapse? What happens to our personal 
responsibilities to inheritance or to providing for children's 



Answer:  Only the simplest societies occupying a limited geographical area can function without money. There will be a pl

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