Potassium salt (mineral salt) can help lower bloodpressure

Research on potassium in fruits, veggies and mineral salt. (Dutch language)

Processed food often contains way too much sodium, which is detrimental to health in such quantities.
 Examples: sauces, soups, pizzas, bacon, cheese, bread, etc. 
An easy way to enhance the balance in your body is to eat plenty of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables, 
and use potassium-rich mineral salt  instead of sodium. In Great Britain manufacturers of food 
already have substantially lowered the use of sodium in their products. In my own country they have started to do that too.

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I only use low salt that is Kalium Chloride and not the Natrium, but that does not help against high bloodpressurealone, because a lot of influenzes push up bloodpressure
do you mean in the Netherlands, I hope so for in cheese and possibly good restaurants it would be nice for the use of Kalium salt it is indeed better for the kidney's and the total body
Yes, in the Netherlands, but not all manufacturers are participating AFAIK. It's a very slow process to get them lowering the amount of sodium in processed foods. To be clear on this, our body needs both sodium and kalium, but the balance between these two is important to our health.
Of course there are many other factors, like avoiding too much stress, eating fresh vegetables and fruits that contain Potassium, getting some exercise, etc. The amount of KCl taken in is also of importance.


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