For the first time since the middle ages, the Pope is stepping down from office. Some said he looked over reality and many had enormous doubt about him. He was criticized for having a "world class lunatic" on his staff. Benedict was the first Pope to meet with victims who were sexually abused by the clergy. Also, he even permitted Catholics to use condoms to help the fight against HIV/AIDS. The Pope even tweeted and has about 3million followers. He was the oldest Cardinal to be chosen in 275 years and was expected to be a short time place holder. 

There is something that just does not seem right about this.

Is it tradition for the pope to remain in office till death? Could this be a bad sign for the future of the Vatican? 

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I imagine he simply decided that being Pope is too invasive and taxing of time and energy.

I actually hope this sets a new example for the Papal office.

I think stepping down and spending your remaining days in prayer, study, worship and academical pursuits sounds very sane. 

Dear Jessica ,

        Maybe the Pope got true religion and insight and so decided to step down , internal experiences have a way of striking and uprooting ones own conception of things - it prods a person towards "The Immaculate conception". No jokes here . 


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