I´m wondering as to how others here see organ transplantation especially considering the methods for obtaining ("harvesting") organs and the definition of "brain death"

As modern science is in denial of much especially as to what life really is, what sleep really is and what death and the dying process actually entails...

after seeing the information here....


One can only begin to have seriously serious doubts about the current practice and the practical application of that judicial masterpiece - the definition of "brain dead"-, and as anyone, anytime, anywhere can be affected, of paramount relevance to all...

Apologies if this has been covered in the forum before.

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Dear HF ,

    Not everyone thinks the way you have described , if only, then this world would have been a lot better off !!!.

Yes I do agree with what you have written wholeheartedly and very true about consciousness - The thing is it would be really something if that entity could be animated - would it have to go through schooling or some kind of conditioning to be like us ? or probably it may be so intelligent and inert that we probably do not have the developed capabilities to relate to it by thought alone or some such thing. Just musing however....a lot would depend on how we ''humans'' look at it . We do have a habit of looking at things we do not understand with a tinge of paranoia and so there is an element of destructive thinking involved at that level we are no better than beasts.


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