It is interesting that in futuristic, sci-fi movies this concept is acceptable while the tin-foil hat, conspiracy theorist bemoan it as evil incarnate. Is this funny? What gives? Either the concept is to be desired or not. Now I agree that we must be careful who the new world leader should be. The UN is not a model to be running this planet, Washington DC also did not demonstrate any wisdom to be the inheriting this role. As spiritual beings petty border issues, ethnic and cultural differences are to be looked over or shall we say smoothed over but what happens then immigrants try to force their way of living, laws or culture down the throat of the host country who thinking out of generosity and good will allows them entrance.

It is clear in my mind that we are not ready for one world government but perhaps that is the only way we could survive the progression of this millennial. What do you think?

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A singular global government is a terrible idea, at least at this point in human evolution. One idea often submitted in support of a one-world government is that with a plurality of nations ultimately comes conflict between the nations, and that if we just knuckled under and pledged ourselves to one regime, that would all go away. However, I see the plurality of nations as a good thing. On a global level, it can also act as a system of "checks and balances". Diversity of perspective is important in governance. This is very similar to the reasons that it is bad to have a single ruler. No one individual, even if they were actually inclined to try, could properly rule in the interests of all of humanity. One single perspective is too limited. Similarly, one regime cannot sufficiently address the needs of all people on the planet.

Following a systems perspective, I would argue for decentralization as much as possible, while not forgetting the need for coordination and steering from a higher (fractal) level. The human race needs to get its priorities straight. Peak oil has arrived and our economic-political-social systems are on the brink of collapse. Within a couple of years we might witness chaos, a state of emergency declared and military put to use to curb chaos. Do your own research and you will find out more about this. We need to work together, locally, regionally and internationally to build  sustainable systems of all kinds.

It is interesting how one world government has taken on an almost wholly negative complexion.


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