Once there was a real Buddhist Master in the East.

A person came to him and said 'Oh great Master, give me your teaching.'

The Master answered 'Give me your devotion.'

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I'm surprised that he did not say "You don't need a teacher. Everything you need to know you already do."

That would have been a real master.
I have always been of the opinion that it is good to be skeptical of ancient claims of mastery just as we would be skeptical of modern claims.
A Master is a Master of creation
who has full control over the created.

The function of a Master is to help you to find out
what your real work is and what your worth is.

If you want to be a real seeker of truth,
feel joy being alone,
If you can enjoy this aloneness,
then your path will be Meditation.
excellent quote
Surrenderness to Guru is a very important factor in spirituality.


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