I get insulted all the time from writing forums who cannot understand what I wrote. Is English a perfect language? I know what I meant without clarifying it or asking for interpretation. Will some one please critique all my post and show me what I should write correctly?


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Well I can't tell you exactly what to write, I can just offer my opinions. And as I know you Paul, you humbly accept constructive criticism.. This is a good quality to have.  I know by the reputation of the people on this community (Theosophy.Net) no one here insults anybody. If we don't understand we simply ask, and it seems that lots of people do understand you.. So I know you don't get that here. But unfortunately there are those forums that are outside us that don't follow the same type of view. There are lots of people on here that are from different countries, so it's understandable if there is a language barrier or if some can't write their thoughts in a certain format. The way I see it, just read whatever you write over. Do you think it's understandable to the majority of everyone?

My writing style is rather simplistic, I like to do that purposely. If I chose to use the extent of my vocabulary and IQ to form a written thought on a post, how many people are actually going to understand what I've written, Especially if I have a question, I want to make it easy to read because I like answers :) Here's complex....

Like this: The use of complicated wording as an overall literary technique needs to encompass graphic and individual comprehension to allow the reader to become acquainted with the unique terminological aspects employed by the author whilst not detracting from the application of the specific innuendos influencing the particular methods involved which reflect the tone of the major works in question, thereby altering the quality of the outcome.

Quality of the outcome... is basically what that sentence is getting at.

I could have written: If you use complex words make sure other people can understand what the writer is referring to. That way, when the reader is reviewing what you've written, it won't distract them from what your point is. Otherwise, they may not understand or get the wrong idea.

On the other hand, I also view the things I write in posts or blogs or chats as if I were actually speaking. If I wrote an essay it would be completely different. So in thinking that way... if reviewing what you wrote, and you were to say it to an actual person standing in front of you would they understand that sentence or would you need to make a the sentence a bit longer, or perhaps go back on the idea to refine what you were trying to get across?

This especially stands for making questions... If I asked a teacher: how did dinosaurs died because I don't know what a dinosaur is and I've heard oil comes from dinosaurs is it true? Three different questions all in one and a statement, making the question not understandable because they don't really relate to each other.

All in all, don't pay attention to those haters (the people that insult) because the real important thing is getting your point across or getting your question answered, right?! :)

That's how I write... as though I am talking with a good friend who wants to hear/read what I have to say.  IF they don't want to hear/read it then they can go read something else. Makes no odds to me.


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