What music are you listening to or playing today?

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I am listening to 50 Words for Snow which is Kate Bush's latest album. It is wonderful. Atmospheric, evocative, beautiful and it has reall helped a me a lot over the last few fraught days. Tracks come into my mind and play themselves just when I need them. Check out Snowflake:

'I was born in a cloud.....now I am falling.

I want you to catch me

Look up and you'll see me.

You know you can hear me.......' Sung by Kate's son in treble and then her voice answering him in a beautiful dialogue that works on so many levels.

The two other great tracks are Snowed in at Wheeler Street about reincarnation and a couple's relationship over the millenia and Wild Man which is about the legendary Abominable Snowman. The whole album is gorgeous and no I'm not on commission! Just a lifelong Kate Bush fan.......


I've been listening to Pandora Radio on the computer, particularly Loreena McKennitt (Holiday) Radio and White Christmas Radio.  I don't remember if I set them up myself, or if I found them already there, but it's holiday music that appeals to me.

I'm listening to Grooveshark today - a bunch of old stuff -  stuff I listened to back in my college days:

Cat Stevens, Tim Buckley, Peals Before Swine, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Donovan, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Moody Blues, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, It's a Beautiful Day, Ravi Shankar, and so forth.....

I am listening "Starlight" By Muse

 I'm listenin' to T-bone Walker in Youtube :-)



 I love this song!!!     Ayo - help is coming

 ... one of Bob Marley's  theosophical songs.... tell the children the truth.





 ... no more clues... hehehehe ;-)

 .... the song that the soul sings to the personality.... choosing Mick Jagger as the vehicle for this message proves that there is sense of humour in the other side




As always, the FOO FIGHTERS. besides being in my #1,2,3 and possibly 4 in my playlist, also some other great grunge-era rock, alternative rock, good dosage of oldies but goodies (when in Ensenada I listen to the 105.7 FM The Walrus Station of oldies And in Mexicali is another good AM oldies station 940 oldies) Some good Electronic music...

Also I like a lot Bebop-Cool Jazz, Free Jazz, Funky Jazz, and all of the great Soul music... 8-)


 What a wonderful world, by Louis Armstrong :-)  enjoy!!!!


 The fool on the hill, the man with a thousand voices talking perfectly loud, by The Beatles (one of Paul's best songs)

 Here is a comment copy&pasted from the Youtube wall:

From what I've heard, McCartney and a friend were out with Martha when she got away from them. A strange man brought her back to them. They turned around for a second to do something and when they turned back to thank the man he simply disappeared. There were no trees or anything nearby. Just a hill.

And McCartney swears he was not on any psychedelics when this happened.

I don't know if this is a true story. I just read it on SongFacts.


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