What music are you listening to or playing today?

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On insistence of my children, I managed to listen to a Tami/English song Kolaveri Di, yesterday. This song has registered 10 million hits on google in a span of just over a week.


That is a great song. I like The Who.

I am listening British Experimental Rock band "Radiohead" There were around for 20 years, but early this year I re-discovered and got inspired of the amazing 5 people. Their talents and never-breaking up friendship and unity is one of the kind. They were touring around the world since 1991 every year. In countries like Japan and South America and Europe the concerts settings at massive arenas and raising around 2ml. dollars each, about half of the money from each tour the band donating to support World Peace and Earth environment. They are very discrete in personal privacy issues, free of greed and fame, hard-working and never used any drugs or alcohol, within 20 years didn't bring any negative attention to the media. In American Music Industry hesitate to admit that Radiohead beat all the records and being bigger benefactor that all American rock bands combine. And the music original and in many different styles and compositions. All 5 of them have Higher degree in recording -engineering and Johnny Woods is genius composer, playing instruments (beside existing) a few of his own hand creation. Higher spiritually they creating a songs with amazing lyrics with deep underline concept, urge to human rights and world peace in non-invasive non-direct approach to the public and for me personally, some of the instrumental parts opened my Chakras and sound flows with energies into my body's bio-clock and circulation. One of the latest songs called "Lotus Flower" become a part of the puzzle in opening theosophy and in some way can manifests to be my Divine song. Other songs  "Reckoner" and "Karma Police" and 16 other songs quick become my #1 choice. Millions fans around the world wont allow Radiohead guys retired from the stage and they are continue to carry on high timeless performance. Many of the new remixes used in meditations, and a mantras for energetic power and spiritual endeavors .  

Hi Joe!

I am happy to hear that You love Radiohead!

I have been searching for an inspiration on the new music (since Radiohead I have none), which is hard for me, because it have to connect with my consciousness and required of the following 3: Sound, Visual and a consciousness of the creators behind the science. In order to ignite in me that powerful energetic charge.

I want to express my deep appreciation for inspiring me by sharing a video clip of the "Dr. Who" !

Inspired deeply, I found a full version on YouTube: "Dr. Who 8 Doctor Big Finish  Theme Extended" Video graphics combined with a list of creators. Concentrating on their names helps to connect with their creative Minds.They are Out There. Where Mana meet Quantum Consciousness.

  About Radiohead: Johnny is a musical genius. He creates his own instruments and playing most of the existed. He lives in music. Video engineering and full stage settings, with all the lighting is also Johnny's work. Wherever they are on tour they travel with the complete stage setting is own design (they have many) and usually booking the biggest in the city area or open stadium. and built their own stage. This is including 50 tubes of light fixtures, 40Ft length. Its hanging from the stage ceiling  and shooting lights programmed in multiple combinations and directions.(See the stage setting at Concert @ Arena Satiama. Tokyo 2008) That is the one of many insights of that awesome group of 5.Actually 6, they just hired another drummer. Enjoy! :)

The Best of Peace + -


I am so Sorry Joe, again for a second time I type-o Your name. Please forgive me. I thought of You when wrote it.

Just saw all of the Dr. Who Themes from 1963-2010 Its a DYNAMITE! :)

Radiohead song "Karma Police" first came out in 1994 and since been modified. Truly the best version is you tube Acoustic video in France. :)

Hi All !

Sharing a link; Radiohead in the news:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-16061977

"Massive Attack and Thom Yorke back Occupy London protest"

Hi Heidi!

Thank You  for the link. Thom Yorke and Radiohead are notorious one of the kind warriors for the World Peace. They are donated about the same amount of $ (if not more) to the World Peace and Earth environment, that all American rock industry. Thom Yorke hate politicians and corporate greed. Many of his early songs he is not afraid to speak about, with the song lyrics. One song called "No Surprises" with wonderful peaceful music  have these words:

"You're live so tired unhappy,

Bring down the government

They don't, they don't speak for us"

Radiohead is one of the kind with 5 amazing performers and talented musicians. They bring  so much inspiration with very powerful energies, for me personally Radiohead become my Divine music, it was connected to me from Higher level of Consciousness.

it was Michael Jackson night on the X-Factor.

I listened to an 8 part video on Youtube yesterday about Harry Nilsson.  Really good.  Lots of faces from the past (besides his) and it was a nice trip down memory lane, although it's sad that he burned out so quickly, like a shooting star. 

Thanks, Olga, I listened to the group "Radiohead" and enjoyed them. I haven't had time to get into depth with their music like you have. To those interested, every song Olga mentioned, plus more, can heard on YouTube. Just put in "Radiohead" in the Search Bar.

Thanks Michael!

Beside the awesome music, Thom Yorke, lead singer and a compositor writing lyrics with deep profound meaning.

"...because we separate

Like ripples on the blank shore,

In Rainbows

Dedicated to All Human Beings.

" Reckoner" 

"Slowly we unfurl, as Lotus Flower

'cause all I want is moon up on the stick

Just to see what' If just to see what  Is,

Put the Lotus Flower in my room......"

"Lotus Flower"


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