Rich food.

Some interesting links, in the light of the Theosophical presentation of thoughtforms, relation to yantra/mandala (and their potential effect on consciousness), and keys to energic as well as material structure.

I am a decorative artist and so that is my tangent and interest with this material. But because of the multivalent nature of symbols: these forms, figures and fields will likely bond with you differently.

The work of the MERU Foundation

The work of Robert Gray (and also his collaboaration with Lynnclaire Dennis and their work to understand her near death experience)

The artist Hilma Af Klint

... and the remarkable Emma Kunz

Just a glimpse of the tip of the iceberg.

Please review and respond if inclined.

Be prepared for a mind bomb.


-- M

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I was very impressed by the art of Hilma Af Klint and Emma Kunz. Thank you for providing us with the URLs.
Multivalent is a term meaning "having various meanings or values." In chemistry it is also used to denote the number of ways any particular type of atom can bond with another. In semiotics, it refers to the ability of a symbol to contain and convey multiple meanings or different interpretations amongst individuals.
You might be interested in a contemporary Theosophical artist who uses the name Joma Sipe professionally. He is Portuguese, and his web page is Most of his recent works are geometric designs drawn with silver and gold pens against a dark background, with crystals placed at the interstices. My favorite pieces are his latest, in the series called "Cathedrals of the Soul."
For those who may be interested, here is a link to a small collection of my artwork related to yantra, geometry and symbol. Some of these are finished works, some are pedagogic Illustrations and others are functional yantra that I have been using for laya yoga sadhana.

Comments welcome.

user: yantra
password: 1234
Here is a new theurgic work made from found pieces of old printer's ornament.

-- M


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