Articles of Association

Memorandum of Assocation (MOA)



The purpose of this document is to provide a permanent set of guidelines to the board members of  The name of this organization shall be known as Theosophy.Net.




The organization is being created to serve the following objects:

  1. To promote the ideas of universal brotherhood and peace.
  2. To promote a sense of fraternity and belonging amongst members.
  3. To promote research of a variety of teachings and beliefs and refrain from promoting ideological fundamentalism from whatever source.
  4. To celebrate unity in spirit and diversity in expression.
  5. To seek, study, research, disseminate, distribute spiritual and scientific knowledge which will help humanity meet its challenges in 21st century.
  6. To undertake social and community projects for the benefit of the community.
  7. To serve as a policy influencer/ opinion maker group on issues of global importance through networking with other social groups, or by other means.
  8. To allow, encourage, maintain and support an environment where members may pursue the Objects as defined in this section. In particular, items laid out in section 2(d).




3.1 The above objects shall be worked upon and achieved through various organizations created from time to time.




4.1 Membership will include those currently signed up as members on the site as well as others as defined by the board of directors. Other criteria will be made available in writing, as necessary.






There will be a governing body headed by a chairperson to manage the organization and all its activities. The governing body shall constitute a minimum of five members and up to to nine members, elected every two years by the voting members as defined by the board of The rules and regulations for the election shall be jointly developed by the first governing body. The size of the board may be increased by a ¾ majority vote of the board.




The governing body to be called the “Board”and  shall have the following office bearers for a period of two years:


6.1 Chairperson - to be nominated by consensus of remaining members of the governing body, To be called The President.

6.2 Vice-President - To be nominated by The President       

6.2 Secretary – To be nominated by the Chairperson

6.3 Treasurer – To be nominated by the Chairperson




The Board shall meet at least every month, or as often as is required by the issues at hand. The meeting could be by electronic means.


7.1 The minimum quorum for an official meeting shall be the number consisting of a simple majority of board members.

7.2 The Secretary shall circulate the agenda and timing for the meeting in consultation with the chairperson and other members.

7.3 If no consensus or unanimous decisions can be arrived at, the majority decision shall prevail.

7.4 The members present shall have a right to abstain from voting.

7.5 All disputes shall be solved through consensus and mediation. However, if that is not possible, the President’s decision shall be final in all matters. The President has the right to assign and appoint a committee to further review the matter in dispute for reconsideration at the next regular meeting.






The organization shall have a general body meeting once every two year through either circulation or by electronic means, where members can participate and air their views/recommendations.




Apart from the governing body, the President may appoint as many committees as may be required to conduct the activities of the organization. The President shall nominate the Team Leader of the committee and the Team Leader shall have the right to select as many Team Members as is desired/required to efficiently carry out the task.

The President shall give clear mandate to the Team Leader of the committee

regarding the scope of the task assigned.

Each team shall be announced by the President and will have their dedicated pages where other members can contribute and monitor the progress.




Rules and procedures shall be evolved for the dissolution of the organization, should it become necessary at any point in time.




The courts of the United States of America shall have jurisdiction over any judicial action that may become necessary at any given point in time.

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