The economy, multinationals and you.

This is a matter of survival.

It's a matter of right and wrong.

This is a spiritual issue.

Get it?  If not you need to wake up...and now.

You think it’s not your problem…

Think again!    ACT!!!


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The current economic, social and political situation will affect us all. Our jobs, houses, food prices, our future and our children's future are all at stake. Many already have lost their house, their job, and the health of their family is at risk. With rising food and gasoline prices, this will affect everyone. Certainly the 99% of which we form a part.

So, a nationwide  discussion is necessary to see what our options are to change things for the better.

 Hi, I'm glad to see this post, Joe!!!

Yes, this planet is too small for both humanity and market forces. Of course it is an spiritual issue, I dare say it's THE spiritual issue of our times.

Humanity will prevail!!!! (anyone disagreeing may have to fight with me, and I warn, I ALWAYS fight dirty hehehehe ;-)


This is a problem we can actually win, unity is the best and only defense; the one that is feared the most. However we are conditioned to believe what we are told by any official organization, and especially government. Both are counting on the programming to work; an outrage en'mass is one thing they cannot fight. The money IS SOMEWHERE - THAT is the enemy.

David Korten clearly points to the psychopathology involved in the phantom wealth creation. Money as such is an abstraction and cannot be built into survival mechanisms of mammals or animals. Collecting food is another matter. That has survival value. 

Psychologists, sociologists and the like, say that we are conditioned by a number of factors. I think that the dominant cultural story in the West, especially in the USA, is about personal success, wealth, outsmarting others, etc. David points to this story and the need of a new story. There certainly is a need for such a new story. That is what my question in the new economy group is all about.

David also points to the fact that humans are hardwired for cooperation. This is exactly what we see in times of distress: people instinctively feel that they need to work together to overcome obstacles. It brings out the best, and the worst, in humanity. We have been brainwashed all our life to believe in the current story. So, it is a matter of deprogramming. We might learn a thing or two from how successful "deprogrammers" work to help members of sects. 

Joe, can you give an example of Freakonomics that can help us to understand about how people respond to incentives? I can only remember incentives for people to become a member of a gang. Not very uplifting. Is there an example in that book of truly mind changing incentives, in a positive, constructive way?

I'm not sure I can get into this discussion, as it is deliberatly imposed smoke and mirrors ... none of this will either matter or change as long as there is an Illuminati, and their offshoots, the


... Trilateral Commission, a Counsel on Foreign Relations, Skull and Bones (Yale), Scroll and Key, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Sigma PHi, Sigma Chi, the DU Clup, Delta Upsilon, Pi Eta, Alpha Delta Phi, the Phoenix, Fly Club, Owl Club, the Spee Club, the Fox Club, the Iroquois, Psi Upsilon, Chi Delta Theta, Skull and Serpent Seven Society, Gridiron and other secret membership college fraternities (Ivy League - Yale, Brown, Harvard, Syracruse, Princeton, Penn State University, Norwich University, Rutgers University, Colgate, Cornell, Dartmouth,Dickinson College, William and Mary, Emory University, University of Missouri, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, University of Pennsylvania, Maryville College, University of Verginia, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Michigan, University of Georgia, The Seneca, Hasty Pudding Club, Oak Club, Harvard Lampoon) (who are given positions of control once they graduate), and the Bilderberg Group, and NASA.


... as these ARE what control EVERYTHIN on earth, not just the U.S.  Included are the Vatican and the "inner city" of London.  EVERY government, including our own right up to the president must give leave to these (collective) HIGHER authorities.  Economy is DELIBERATELY manipulated, as are each and every social program, thier dependency and any dependency we have in government (i.e. medicare and social security).  Banking everywhere on the globe follows one single plan, template and structure, now that the Bush's have given these major players both Iraq and Afganistan (the only holdouts up until recently).


Education, banking, finance, pharmaceuticals, the medial profession, the media, the entertainment industry, history, News, transportation, the legal profession, government, international banking, international trade ... NONE OF THESE are in anyway AT ALL in our control, they are only MADE TO APPEAR that way. 


There is one and ONLY ONE WEAKNESS; these are predicated on our belief, and THIS is why government and lawyers are constantly trying to whittle away and legislate away the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in America.  Why everyone is imposed upon to take the H1N1 virus shot (gives the drug company that D*** Cheny runs mega billions, which is HIS payoff for "helping out."


I can get as mad as hell as indicated in the opening post ... AND IT WON'T MATTER ONE CENT.  The only thing civilized countries can do is EN MASS [ HOLD ON TO EVERY TENET AND RIGHT IN YOUR CONSTITUTIONS ] and then exercise and force them; the weakness is basically two part, that other part is WE HAVE THE NUMBERS.  All of the above indicated is an attempt to "Control", IF WE REFUSE TO BE CONTROLLED (and this must be EN MASS) then WE WIN!!! We win anything and everything we want.


NASA is illegal.  The way we print money is illegal.  Most of what goes on is illlegal, even though it claims to be official.  LEARN and insist on what is legal, and we have a chance.



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