I generally do my book reviews on squidoo - where I get a percentage of the sales if someone buys a book (which is of course a way for others to sponsor my online work, if they are so inclined). So I thought instead of posting a thread here for each such book review, I might instead post them all in this post - and add to it each time I write a new one. That way those who want to ignore my self promotion can do so at their leisure.

I keep track of all my spiritual book reviews here as well: my spritual book reviews.

Since this is a theosophical forum, I'll start with the theosophical books. I recently made this page with 'the best theosophical books (of course my subjective selection)'. If I forgot any, please comment in the guestbook.

More specifically I also made a list with the best books about karma and reincarnation. I could not find many recent (and in print) theosophical books on the subject though. So most of it's from other publishers.

Then there are Blavatsky Books I.K. Taimni on the Yoga Sutras, The Occult Roots Of Nazism and H.P.B. by Cranston.

Since Buddhism is my main personal inspiration next to Blavatsky, I've just recently made a page of best books on Buddhism - which is my wishlist on the subject as well as a page of most popular books on Buddhism, which features less scholarly and more practical books. Similarly the Dalai Lama is the greatest spiritual teacher on the stage currently - I think we'll all agree. He also exemplifies all the the ideals of the Theosophical Movement, in my opinion. So I compiled a list of his most popular books.

Another big teacher on the current spiritual stage is Ken Wilber. He exemplifies the second object of the TS. So here are Ken Wilber's best books.

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How could I forget? Just yesterday I made a list of Krishnamurti's most important books.
I'm sure many of you are interested in Gnosticism, Esoteric Christianity and all that.
Just out: books about alchemy based on a list compiled by the best scientists into Western Esotericism.

& where the books are available for the Kindle e-reader, I've noted that. Don't have one myself though...


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