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We would like to tell you how we do things here and we hope that you are ready for an experience with this tradition the likes of which you have never seen!


Theosophy.NET has been around over two and a half years.  However, in that time we have managed to attract some of the best and brightest minds from a number of esoteric movements.  Our approach is unique in that we combine a number of different methods, not only from academic research, but also from the open-source software and project management communities to accomplish our work.  We combine this with an out of the box approach that knows no limits and seeks to totally redefine our understanding of the world.

In addition we combine the best of all esoteric traditions.  Theosophy, to us, does not merely mean any organization founded under the name, but applies to all groups and influences which contribute to the broader tradition, including (but not limited to:  Hermeticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and related traditions, Spiritualism, Wicca and indigenous cultural practices, from ancient times to the present day and to future forms of spirituality which may not have been discovered yet).  We use the "synthetic method" where we explore traditions and ideas in relation to and in combination with each other, yielding new insights and new ways of thought. 

There is one other thing that makes us unique.  Beyond anything else we encourage our members to explore and come to their own conclusions.  If someone were to ask us what the most desired qualities in a member are, it would be curiosity and a devotion to truth and the overall welfare of humanity. 

With that said, here’s how we do it!


1. Excellent Research

a.       Get the facts straight.

b.      Draw conclusions based on the facts, to the best of our comprehension.

                                   i.      Use imagination, tempered by rational examination.

                                  ii.      Fearlessly state the truth, regardless of our personal beliefs.

                                 iii.      Thorough digging.  We must become persistent researchers and well-versed in the methods and resources available.  We should know all the stones to turn well and network to share information.


2.   Accurate History

For too long, the history of some esoteric traditions has been one of rumors, half-truths and fabrications passing as fact. We must really put that to a stop.  Providing an abundance of primary sources from the origins of the movement is the best way to enable researchers to sort fact from fiction.  David Reigle’s analysis of the Tibetan and Sanskrit sources of Blavatsky continues to illuminate her later writings. 

We promote accurate research into the history of all esoteric traditions.  In today's world where the concept of a worldwide digerati is taken for granted, this view of the original TS extends this idea of a global society of thinkers back over a hundred years…a massive innovation way before its time.  By framing the movement within these terms, we move from fantasy to rationality.


3.    From the heart, not the head…

      What does this mean?  Quite simply, it means that for any one of us, we should be able to explain most concepts in our own words.  When we say ‘live the wisdom’ the first place is in our daily lives, specifically how we express ourselves.  Otherwise it comes across as “truthiness” and appears to any reasonable person as lame.

     Our mission, as much as anything, has to do with framing the discussions of how our wisdom relates to the present and the future.  These, not the past, is our primary focus.  We must be a positive force for change.


4.    We are a true repository

Part of our mission has evolved into being a repository for the works of several traditions and for the larger religious/philosophical/scientific community.  This has already shown fruit with the Theosophist and Lucifer, but also with the project involving the Eastern Tradition Research Institute Sanskrit Texts Project, a collection of very rare writings which will all be released to  the public, again to make sure that they never are lost or restricted to just a few, again. A major part of this effort is also to seek out private collections to scan and archive the  documents under a Collective Commons license.


5.       According to the Objects

a.   Our goal is to pursue Theosophy strictly by the Objects of the movement.  To that end we have reframed them using much fewer words:

                                 i.       Embrace

                                ii.      Compare

                               iii.      Explore


6.   Teams Work

In many esoteric traditions there is the tendency for individuals to work by themselves and the lack of cooperative effort.  At Theosophy.Net we have found that by forming small teams with the right people we can accomplish great things. We are open and not cliquish.  Where you fit depends more on where you want to be and not where someone says you will be.  We reward creativity and imagination!


7.   Open Source

We seek to establish a tradition of Open Source principles in our work.  This is closely modeled on the practices within the Open Source software community.  We publish all items under a Creative Commons license, ensuring that information flows freely to all. No dtudent will ever be denied access to information on account of financial circumstances.

In addition, we use the same methods in our research as used in various Open Source development projects.  This includes the encouragement of ‘drive-by’ contribution and efforts with small-teams, as stated above.


Thanks much and hopefully you will make Theosophy.NET your site of choice. This site isn't for everyone.  We exist for those who are thoughtful, willing to ask good questions and are committed to an honest and thorough examination of all that is.

Where do we go next, we don't honestly know, but wherever it is, it will be interesting and it will be new, of that we have no doubts.  Come join us for the journey of a lifetime.


Embrace * Compare * Explore


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Great introduction Joe :) Glad to meet another theosophical history buff. Thanks for linking to that squidoo page: it has all my online networking links - too much for even me to keep track of otherwise. But currently I'm most active on facebook, twitter, my blog and squidoo. But that changes with the wind - or rather with where the online activity is.
I would blush at what Joe said, except he forgot to mention that I work at a very real job in the very Mayavic world of nursing homes. I am a Registered Nurse for 35 years. Biased though he may be, Joe has no problem letting me know what I have done wrong (or, occasionally, right.) He is very easy to work with. Besides, he plays with Cutie as much as I do.
It's now about 24 hours since the site went live. I'd like to thank the 76 people who participated in the beta version of the site or joined in its first day. We are off to a great start.

I'd like to offer special thanks to Joe Fulton and Susan Thomas for their tireless effort in assisting new members and maintaining the site. Their help was crucial to making the site a welcome place for everyone.

And thanks is due to Katinka Hesselink for her behind the scenes technical help bringing the site online and fitting it into the internet community.

Welcome everyone!


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