I listed this discussion for its sad to say when I share my path in life, many mixed reactions come from who and what I am. Odder who and what I am, is percieved not on who and what I am, but assumptions made from not researching or studying, or from stereo types.


I am a Witch, I guess there is no plainer way to express this, but not something to fear. One must remember many bad people have done many things, and they have belonged to all sorts of paths, or been labeled this or that.


As a Witch, I selected this road , path, embrace if you will for many reasons, it fit much like a comfy shoe, I do have earth based beliefs, I am a elemental witch, but eclectic as well. I am not a Wiccan. I am Pagan which means for me, I honor many Gods and Goddesses. I do love our Mother Earth Gaia, and feel her awesome power and find it amazing. The earth and specifically being outside is freeing, empowering, and spiritual.


Witches are not mean to Animals or children, and Im not either. We are not satanists, even though Satanists arent what people generally think they are either.


Witchcraft is about will, focus and intent.

I do alot of healing, alot of candle Magick.

Magick for a witch is with a K , coined by Aleister Crowley, to differentiate between magic that a magician uses which is trickery, and illusions.


Witchcraft could be said if looking at it Psychologically has much in common with the Law of Attraction, think it, will it, and put some work behind it, and it will be.


Most Witches have a very good, and focused compass, I use Karma specifically for my compass, I am about responcibility for who and what I am and what I do. As a Witch, I understand what I put out, might very well return to me, as do most Witches.


Anyhow I will take any questions you have...

There are never silly questions.. So feel free to ask or comment, I will not bite, I will not turn you into a frog lol :)

blessings ... Devilwoman

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