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This is a forum to discuss all things related to esoteric education through multimedia presentations, especially as they are evolving on the internet.  We can discuss the "state of the art" in terms of what is out there and links to where to find it.  Share your ideas, techniques, sources of inspiration and tools of creation.  Post images of your work or links to videos.  Post images or links to video and audio that represent the best spiritually inspired and inspiring creativity.

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Wanted to share this video... This is riddled with Esoteric Symbolism! See how many you can catch..

The artwork and design is pure genius, in my view I see this video very inspiring.
Now since there's so much symbolism in just about every scene, I'm sure you're going to ask.. "What did I just watch?!"

So here's one of the best sites I found that has a pretty well grounded take on the esoteric symbolism used
@ Vigilant Citizen: Esoteric Symbolism of I, Pet Goat II ... this is of course their view.. I'm sure you'll have your own views
on the symbolism used as well as the whole message. I believe this is one of the greatest callings of art & media, it's individual messages convey different for everyone.


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