Going on the offensive in the intellectual wars over the public’s ideologies is both dangerous and potentially extremely rewarding.

If we are to convince others around us to follow us, and in the process leave behind everything they used to know, those we wish to convince will need to know they will be OK. Love is the ultimate tool to ensure someone else feels OK. If we are going to begin tearing down others’ mental frameworks, they need to simultaneously know that something more beautiful and realistic and loving will take its place. Most of all, they just need to know they will be ok. It’s rare to find an individual who will peruse truth no matter the consequences to him/herself, so the general public must be persuaded to find the truth with promises of love, peace, and understanding. Promises which, if they do sincerely begin to seek truth, they will find fulfilled.

Therefore, as we broadcast our “destructive” messages aimed at the general population’s false ideations and beliefs, we must simultaneously communicate a sense of love and belonging. Otherwise, people will fear us too much to become one of us “truth seekers.”

If we do pursue this avenue, what messages will we communicate first? Is there anything concrete we could all agree on?

What channels of communication will we use? How much money can we come up with? How much money are we willing/able to expend on this endeavor? What is the most cost-effective way of influencing our cultures?

Perhaps an advertising assault is just what the world needs to wake up. 

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  these are 2 tasks:

  yes, one can find truth, no books are needed... first practice is honesty towards oneself, this makes one able to be sincere outwards, when one is sincere outwards, becomes detached... then, truth is found

  but, no, it cannot be spread out to everyone as if it was Coca-cola

  it's a seed that's inside, yet it needs nurturing 

 I have read too many to care much for books, yet I repeat is that is quite unfair that some books can be quoted while some others are deleted 



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