Hello my friends.

This is one subject I would want to have conversation with everyone here.

Illumination is a pretty strong word and many people around the world recognize themselves as illumined. But who can really put forward so high definition about him/herself? Is it just a one person raising self above others?

I don't dare to say that there has never been illumined persons in our times, I'm most certain that there have been many. But the ones who were illumined from my point of view, they never dared to raise them selves on a higher level among the people, but just acted like brothers and sisters to every person in the world.

Illumination can be found in all of us but it's a feeling that everyone who reaches it, should look into the feeling as deep as possible, study the feeling and listen to it. Then bring the feeling as a teacher to your everyday actions to serve others around. The one who has the knowledge and capability to love others without personal needs can be illumined, but he never acclaim to be one.

"Keep it secret, keep it safe"

What is illumination from your point of view?

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