how can i become a billionaire because money has tremendous power for good or for evil.It determines our status and it is for wordly success.Money is a means to an end.So how can become rich or billionaire like the superrich humans.

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Do like me - become homeless and practically free to do what you want. Most millionaires dont even have that amount of privilige, not even close. Seriously! I wasted 3 years before taking the step and today I scratch my head for not realizing the simple. The amazing thing is, that one can jump into a homeless lifestyle without giving up ones current job and property at once, if one doesnt feel entirely comfortable of the idea. I have lived in a tent for the past 6 months throughout the winter with no issues at all, peace of cake. I strongly recommand this to anyone who value their time and wants to use it wisely. Time is by far more powerful than money.  



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