The world is not ruled by politicians, but by money and economy.

All we need to survive is food, water and Brotherhood. How far we can get will depend on what we do with the things we don't really need. How much will you share? Can you let go all the rest or do you hang on to it?

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Money and Economy are but expressions of the politicians' and businessmen's desires and ambitions. The ordinary man subsists on very little, and as you say: "brotherhood" or the social network that makes existence enjoyable, and a fallback when money/economy is in short supply. The Buddha has already identified that desire and craving make for suffering  Desure and craving get to be translated into "money/economy". Reduce desire/craving, reduce dependence on money/economy. The problem is that desire/craving gallops, and with it, the movement of those little green papers. Rein it in; rein it in.


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