Have you ever experienced 'Nothingness'?

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I guess so, why?
Only once, for what was brief moment in "time" but was enough to carry me through the last 50 years....it happened when I was 5 years old. After I had that, it occurred to me much later, I have never been a "seeker" in the sense of those you meet who are looking for truth, whether it be in buddhism or Eckhart Tolle, etc. Since that time, I have been a "do-er" Every action and every moment have to have some worth for the greater good. More than you asked for, I know, but as a side note, I believe I have met other people who have experienced the state you refer to in times of great physical crisis. As a nurse I am privy to a lot of things that people experience, and they often hesitant to share, and no matter what words they use, or look they give, there is a communication of that moment.
Thats brilliant, id love, if you wouldnt mind, if you might indulge us with some of these experiences. im very fascinated with how people relate to these experiences i think they all have a common connection and that through these experiences we have developed some of the most fascinating, thoughts, art, music, science and poetry.
I'm with Krishnamurti on this one: these experiences aren't that important. What's important is what happens afterwards. It's like initiation - only worth something if the energy of that Other is integrated into daily life.
thats a Valid point Katinka, and i can understand if the rest of this thread doesnt appeal to you.

Susan, i had a particular experience id like to share. when i was 18 (not that long ago for me) at the time i was very heavily reading as much buddhist literature as i could find, and one afternoon when riding home from a friends i was thinking to myself when i suddenly felt as if i was physically struck to such a degree i slammed my push bike breaks on and stopped in the middle of empty road. it was for the briefest moment, but i had the most distinct feeling as if a hole had popped in my being. and i was physically moved around this sizeless, qualityless hole. in fact i think the only way i knew it was even there or not there was by how it affected my being. i couldnt actually see it or grasp it, but my not grasping seemed realised and it seemed like for the longest yet shortest moment, i stopped. i remember foolishly coming back to my thoughts and thinking "was that it? am i enlightened?" after a week of trying to work out what it was i think i started to feel the feeling was now nothing more then a memory and so no longer valid.
Yes, the feeling that it was not important is a common aftermath! That, I believe, is a function of brain chemistry, and our conditioning to make everything fit into a certain box of experience. It's the 'feeling" that makes us know it's changed our molecular structure. We know in the cells of our body that the universe is all one. We cannot be lost to that. It brings with it a willingness to take risks that did not exist before. It is not so much enlightenment, I believe, as realizing the oneness/noneness that is within all of us. In people with really good verbal skills, it is recognizable between us.....I am sure others with artistic skills or musical skills recognize it between themselves as well.
"I am sure others with artistic skills or musical skills recognize it between themselves as well." - this reminds me of what ive been thinking about lately of perception having so many differing levels. that if the universe were subjective then every person and their respective perspective on it, could be defined as a different "universe." in the same way that we could say that multiverses all manifest from the one indefinable source. thanks for the thought trail :D
I believe you are on to something, Mikhayl. Of coourse the universe is subjective, because we are all it. Think of your body. When you get a paper cut on your finger, a tiny bit of blood comes through your skin. Do those blood cells know who you are? Probably not, but you are fully dependent on those blood cells to do their job, carrying oxygen to the parts of your body that also do not know who you are. Carrying this analogy farther and farther out, our planet is a blood cell in a body that we and the planet are completely unaware of, and the entire Milky Way galaxy is a blood cell in something even greater.....
Especially if I am in an amazing surrounding,than I can forget everything, almost myself.
In nature it is like nature carry me and give me wings into a feeling of nothingness.
Many people experience this in nature and beautiful surroundings. Oddly enough, I tend to be triggered more by being around people who are physically ill. It's different than an out of body or near death thing, more like a connection with the idea of the illness being a "no-thing" and then carrying that on....I just realized that may be why I have stayed a nurse instead of becoming an accountant......
Very interesting Susan...and, while I have acted as an accountant for some time, the study of medicine has been part of this lifetime too. Truth is, I have hung around many 'ill' people in the physical sense I'm guessing you mean. And, thanks to your post, I will contemplate this condition some more.
I THINK, that physical illness has always been a metaphor for me. It is a metaphor of the macrocosm/microcosm. I alluded to that with the blood cell analogy, but it actually occupies a great deal of my thoughts between work and home. Physical bodies are my jumping off place into metaphysics, and I never really made that connection before Mikhayl started this thread. When I see a body with cancer, I think of the war inside the body, and then I think of war and what a cancer it is for the planet. When I see infections, or blockages in elimination, I think of pollution. I have these thoughts in detail, as anatomy has come very easy for me in this lifetime. (I must have been a good student in some lifetime.) Maybe we should start a new thread on macrocosm/microcosm so as not to take away from Mikhayl's question. I believe we might have a lot to share with each other on this.


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