On Monday, August 5th, the next major revolution in agriculture takes place.  A hamburger patty, grown from bovine stem cells will be presented to the world.

One has to wonder about the tip...at 20% that would be $75,000. 

Long term, all kidding aside, this is the type of thing that will come down in price quite rapidly just like CD's, DVD's, etc. and who knows it may be a much healthier and less resource intensive way of producing food.

From the pages of Science Magazine, here it is.

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Oh man... How in the world is this gonna play out I wonder? I know they've been working on it for a while, which is synchronistic that I read an article from 2009 2 days ago about this, anyhow... so it's grown in a petri dish, and for some reason I still have a memory stuck of my Bio professor sticking his belly button lint in a dish to see how much bacteria he can grow.. So that associated with beef or lack there-of (non-beef) is quite odd... But again I'm not afraid to try anything new within good taste... again I say GOOD taste lol, I'm sure I've eaten worst foods out there than what these guys have brewing up in those labs for meat.. I think McD's might grow their fries in a tube/dish too, those things don't rot or grow as much bacteria as my professors lint did even after a few months! haha :D

Woah Ceugnot's Trike... what a marvel, I found a video of it reproduced:

With the meat... So far the names thought of are In-Vitro Meat, Schmeat, Test-tube meat, Cultured Meat, Hydroponic Meat...
and the favorites; Victim Free Meat, Victimless Meat, Tubesteak, Imitation Meat.
in my opinion I think the ol' cafeteria adage would work well "Mystery Meat" lol

This meat is actually White(tan)! Yup there's no blood in it so if that's your guess your right :)
Waiter: how would you like your steak?
Me: Medium grown or just slightly white :)

And an FYI, even though the thought has been out since 2006(not sure of date) when they produced a more jelly-meat-like substance this had the flame lit under it as a Million dollar contest by Peta a year-ish afterwards

...fries in a tube/dish haha that is funny but like that would be kind of gross and even unnatural tasting too..'cause like the texture might even be different let alone the method of even inventing them in such a manner might even be like just slightly off though LOL, anyway, I found it kind of funny too how you had mentioned your professor's Lint though PS. hehe :-)


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