This might be a better way to discuss our insights into daily life theo-practice than to get in the way of all the brilliant minds discussing who said what a hundred and twenty years ago. Like, I have to work for three hours today supervising a situation I am basically unfamiliar with, just to keep the State Department of Health at bay in the nursing home where I work. I can't go into my office and hide doing my own work, I have to be visibly supervising people who really don't need it. It seems meaningless, but it's my contribution to the team, who are a part of my nucleus of brotherhood. Any thoughts?

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I just yesterday read about mentally ill people in nursing homes in the US who become violent and abuse the elderly people in the same home. So I'd say there are good reasons the state requires supervision, but it is of course a pity it prevents you from doing your work.
That news article started some buzz. We are not required to take registered sex offenders in most nursing homes, although there are some throughout the nation that are specially certified to do so, and people are told when coming to those facilities that registered sex offenders are allowed to be admitted. Otherwise we frequently have to take people who have other legal or mental problems. The place I currently work has a large number of drug addicts and homeless people, who by default have criminal and mental records. It would be a fantastic place for young alcoholics to volunteer, as they could see first hand what alcohol can do to a person's body and spirit. MANY of our totally demented alcoholic patients are younger than me. It is very sobering to work with these people. The frail and vulnerable can for the most part be protected, but constant vigilance is required. I usually appreciate the state surveyors for the work they do, but this year it seems they are more interested in generating fines to collect money for the state than they are in making sure nursing home residents are safe and have a decent quality of life. Thanks for your interest in my industry.
I have a grandmother in a retirement/nursing home - in The Netherlands. So I know just how vulnerable people in those places are. These things are a bit better taken care of here: mental hospitals are as much government funded as nursing homes are - what I read in that article really scared me. Though to be honest, I'm not sure I should be - I've long been aware that the US doesn't take care of it's weaker citizens as well as other rich countries do. Though we have a shortage of beds in our care facilities - never would have guessed there could be too much room with the baby boomers aging... Though of course they're now near retirement age, not quite ready to put up in two to one room accommodations.

There might be a local highschool willing to give kids extra credit for volunteering in your nursing home... though of course that is a lot of work to get organized. Might prevent alcoholism & give the kids some sense of what the world is really like.


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