I'm been curious as to why this breaking news hasn't been put out here by one of our astute members. This is not a practical joke item in a Tabloid mag.

This is 2nd confirmation of 'faster than light speed" of neutrinos by sophisticated labs, this one at CERN, by meticulous physicists. The implications of this are nothing short of "earth shattering" to the present known laws of physics and all that implies.

This will certainly vindicate many of the Occultists, Metaphysicians and Seers, East and West, of the past. Some physicists are already speaking of further collaboration of "parallel universes," "other dimensions," time travel, and you name it.

My questions to the science oriented members, and all others here,  is did Blavatsky predict this in any of her writings? What implications do you see in this, not only for the new emerging science, but for spirituality?



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Thanks, John, for the info. I was hoping that this discussion had gone to rest until further news came out next year. Anyway, you may consider me an "armchair wacko metaphysician," that's fine, but I'll stick to my guns on this.

I'll repeat what I said earlier, with this series of experiments, with these particular scientists, and these particular measuring instruments, it may or may not pan out. We'll wait and see. But, the door has been opened a crack(a "crack in the cosmic egg" sort to speak) and I feel confident at some time in the future the speed of light will be shown to be a "perception horizon" by science and not an absolute barrier.

The physics of a few hundred years from now will be very different than what we have now. Einstein wasn't wrong in the long view scheme of things, for he also said:

"We do not know one thousandth of one percent of what nature has to reveal to us." - Einstein

Well, some comments.
First, this is a Science discussion on the two additional measurements, to date, of a very well understood and old subatomic particle that has been investigated for decades.
If this was a new particle, and it did not fit the Standard Model of SubAtomic Particles, I may then start to get excited.  This particle and experiment is nowhere near that interesting. However it is a really cool result - everyone wants to jump in and find the error. (see: SUPERLUMINAL NEUTRINOS)
Quoting your statement:
 "Recent news on the possible discovery of the breaking of the law of physics as currently understood has caught the scientific community asking fundamental questions such as can the speed of light be exceeded"
there are a few misperceptions. We need to clarify I think:
The scientific community has always been studying faster than Light travel, and superluminal phenomenum for decades. Superluminal Phenomena exist. The community is basically trying to find out what went wrong with the measurement rather than reacting to a great-new discovery.
They have already found superluminal phenomena. However, some scientists insist on using things that they claim have "real-physical" existence which eliminates all possibility of superluminal phenomena. (Bohm-like theories).

I have trouble with the second paragraph. You are using a Religious Belief to tell Science what it is allowed to find and what is correct??? !!!!  
If you mention/read that paragraph to Scientists/Metaphysicists/Metamathematicians they will likely ask if you understand the difference between a Belief, Dogma, logic, nature, natural reality etc.
I can only say I do not understand that paragraph.
e.g. the sentence:
"an etheric medium of the 2nd ether which will determine under physics the speed of light as a constant. Also if the vibration is lower as is spoken of, then the speed will be much slower."

Points:  "the 2nd ether which will determine under physics the speed of light as a constant"
Physics has proven ether does not exist (as any medium). Also the speed of light in "free" (i.e. mediumless) space is solely determined by the property of "free" space itself. In particular, it depends upon the magnetic permeability and electrical permittivity of free space (equation available if needed).  Also, if and when it enters an actual "medium" like glass, water etc the speed of light depends upon the permeability and permittivity of those mediums (and gets slower). If "MM" wanted to say something meaningful, he should discuss the properties of the medium. Furthermore, the frequency (vibration) does NOT change when the medium shifts. It is the wave length that changes. He appears to have the phenomena wrong, or is speaking in some riddle.

I see you referred to the term "Cosmic Shock." Are you talking about the Cherenkov radiation?
This effect was predicted back in ~1890. The electrical properties of the mediumless space, and space with a medium,  were also understood early last century.
In any case - I am lost as to how these quotes are useful, or even to be understood in terms of the Neutrino experiment.

Thanks, Jeremy, for sharing that perspective. I'm not familiar with the particular metaphysical system you are referring to, so I can't really comment.

John, thanks for sharing you knowledge of physics with us. I'll let you and Jeremy carry on the discussion with the questions you asked him.

And, thanks, Joe, for contributing your thoughts. And, since you mentioned it, I'm not anti-science nor saying science is always wrong, as such. I will say, as I have in some past discussions, that science is ever changing with new discoveries, within its sphere or domain. But, empiricism has its limits. It's a marvelous tool in many areas and should be kept as a servant, though, not our master. I don't think science can ever give us any final answers about life, nor should it be expected to. It doesn't stand outside of the universe looking in "objectively."

Max Planck, one of the giants of 20th Century Physics, summed it up very well:

“Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” - Max Planck

I've said about all I'm going to right now. We'll see what news comes out on the "speed of light" experiments next year sometime.

 I never added the actual results after they found the errors in the experiments. They all agree that they saw a Neutrino speed consistent with the speed of light.

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