Example of open source integral spirituality: Universe Spirituality

Universe Spirituality seems to be an open source "open spirituality" project, based (to some degree) on Ken Wilber's work. See here.  They already have a good basis of subscribers as to numbers.

They have just started to put some courses online. How much of that will be free remains to be seen.
Such a project can be cloned or forked, and fine-tuned, and of course linked to. The idea is good, since it brings science and spirituality together, as it should be. Let's hope that the implementation will be of high quality.

Course categories

Life Sciences and the Universe Worldview 6
Personal Life Alignment 1
 Relationships and Sexuality 1
 Families, Friends and Children  
 Perspective Taking

 Health and Body  1

 Conflict Resolution

 Money, Prosperity and Financial Freedom

Business Alignment

 Conflict Resolution

 Perspective Taking

Community System Algnment

 The Unissance Movement: A New Universe Worldview Community
Global Environmental Alignment 2
Universe Spirituality Studies 13
Facilitator and Certification Programs

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