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Just came across this Pdf titled 'Evolution of Perception' by Christopher Ott and wanted your Perspective on it.

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The first pages of this book are very well written. I agree that materialistic science has turned things "upside down", i.e. experience has lost its primary status and has been replaced by fabrications of mind. This is well known stuff.
The rest of the book I am still reading (briefly scanned half of the book). I do have some questions already, however:

1. Does the author explain how experience is possible, i.e., what are the necessary conditions for experience?
2. What is the ontological status of his "schemata"? Are these abstract categories or something more tangible?
3. What is the "mechanism" of such schemata. i.e. how is a schema supposed to work? Can an abstract schema "do" anything,i.e. be causative or instrumental to experience?
4. Is there something that experiences? Are there no entities that experience?
If not, How is it possible that experiences are there, but no perceiving consciousness?

As an afterthought: a short summary of the author's main points may be helpful to those that have not the time or inclination to read/study the whole of the book.


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