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Hard at work now on the second half of my paper for the European School of Theosophy in October on "The Wisdom of H.P. Blavatsky". This half deals with Science. Here is the abstract.

"Madame Blavatsky was the agent of a group of teachers she called the brothers, and on their request formed with others
the Theosophical Society. She conveyed what she was permitted to reveal in many books and articles, gathering pupils for more intense instruction. In recent years there has been a growth of academic scholarship into the work of HPB and her teachers. For Theosophical students, this poses a challenge and an opportunity.

Should we accept what the scholars say? Should we ignore it because it is just exoteric? HPB herself was in constant dialogue with scientists and scholars. In this paper, we examine some recent academic work which can help us understand HPB and her work, but should not be taken
as infallible.

We also look again at Science in relation to Theosophy, and ask whether the hopes of our founders have been
fulfilled, from the time of Olcott’s Inaugural Address in 1875, and K.H.'s statement to Hume in 1882 “Modern science is
our best ally”, through various individuals and groups inside and outside the Theosophical Movement. Finally we identify
where the wisdom of Madame Blavatsky lay."

What a privilege to be present, and also to meet again old colleagues from the Theosophical History conferences.!

(Link for the program below:

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