Following the example of Marc Demarest on the EH Britten site, the purpose of this discussion is to establish a listing of documents that you would like for us to post on this site.

Additionally, if you know of any document collections available for scanning or archiving, please let us know.


        - Joe               

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Hi Joe, if you can, cut the subthread and past it in

Best regards

Is it the intention of this site to cover the vast field that is esotericism, or to mainly focus on Blavatsky?  If you were to cover western esotericism, I would of course include Alice Bailey, whose organization Lucis Trust has a freely searchable database of her works, and Helena Roerich, who also provides her books freely, as well as the work of Benjamin Creme and Share International.    Krishnamurti's organization posts all of his extraordinary talks on psychology and meditation on youtube.  There is also the long tradition in India of avatars, which has progressed into the present day - you might include links to the work of vivekenanda, ramakrishna, etc. which is widely available.  I would be interested in providing you with all of these links.  


Mike Nolley

good point - taking your idea to the site Board.

It occurred to me that you can always add the links to the Reading Lists Group.

After discussing this, we decided that the best place is the Reading Lists Group. Please organize them by topic etc. If a link fails down the road, we can help update them. Various things like youtube are ok to put there also. It is, after all, an education Group for people looking for information.

Peace - John


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