Just interesting - how do heart transplants affect people?

Do Human Hearts Carry Memories?


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I think these video's are fascinating. They point to at least the following:

- memories are what's called 'non-localized': they can't be attributed to specific neuron. So why wouldn't the whole nervous system be involved in memory, instead of just the brain? (fourth video)

- the brain has active neurons and memory - so why would it not be one of the seats of personality?
I just read a bit about this in an upcoming title from Quest Books called The Force Is With Us by Thomas Walker. (Disclaimer - I wrote the index for the book, but am in no way involved in publicizing it. I just liked it a lot.) This book will be available in a few weeks, and I recommend it as a fascinating introduction to energy/qi/prana/orgone/etc. The author talks about energy in Chiropractic, ch’i kung, Therapeutic Touch, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, sexuality, the afterlife, and more.

We need to reevaluate concepts such as "phantom" or missing limbs that show up as present using Kirlian photography. How about the "muscle memory" that people are said to develop in sports? Can muscle memory be seen as energy with any special kind of imagery, and is it in the muscles, the brain, or where? Is memory stored only in the physical body, or also in the subtle bodies? I am hoping that the 21st century will see an explosion of research in the areas of memory, human energy, and the nature of consciousness.
Sounds fascinating.


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