Someone recently recommended Rene Guenon to me, and in one book where he claims to debunk Theosophy, it says Madame Blavatsky made up words like 'fohat.' Of course, all the texts she bases here main ideas on in The Secret Doctrine and The Voice of The SIlence, like The Book of Dzyan and The Chaldaean Book of Numbers have never been found, and probably never were cited in any other source. I am not sure I take her or most of Theosophy seriously anymore, except for the ideas of non-materialism and the objects of the theosophical societies, but I will continue to practice those aspects and help at this site.

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Rene Guenon did not like "Theosophists" as in "The Theosophical Society". He was a bit harsh on them. That is the theosophy he is referring to.

He was well known as a Sufi and I believe his theosophy was more like Corbin's (another Sufi theosopher). These theosophists are of the traditional style as in our working definition on this site.

His metaphysics was very strong as well.

theosophy only makes universal sense if you always include all the characteristics - including each of: Science, Philosophy, The Divine and (Creative) Imagination. (see our FAQ).

might find this interesting:  Transcendental Theosophy Institute

Mulla Sadra 1572-1640 CE:  founded Transcendental Theosophy

Of course, many people do not realize the existence of these other theosophies from a very long time ago.

I'm curious to know what it is about Madame Blavatsky that others do not "take seriously."  Without her works, there wouldn't be a modern "Theosophy" to consider.   Whenever possible, she used the languages and terms available to her; when current usage was insufficient, she borrowed from traditions not accessible to the West.  Instead of caring so much that scholars can't find the sources, why not discuss the meaning of terms such as *fohat* to see if it is consistent with the rest of what she taught?

Joe, I'm not going to try to promote or critique Blavatsky, as this has been covered before in several forums through the years. And, this whole issue of the "Masters" has been the most contentious one on this site.

But, you mentioned Gary Lachman, whom I'm familiar with. I believe it was K. Paul Johnson who announced here over a year ago that Lachman was working on a bio of HPB. Mr. Lachman  is an excellent researcher and engaging writer. Since you say you've been in touch with him, did he give any hint of what is in his new bio of HBP? I do hope it's not a rehash of all of the previous books and articles and he's dug up exciting and new material on her. Did he  "tip his hand" any as to what he's putting forth in his new work?

As we both know, Paul himself states in his preface of "The Masters Revealed," that this isn't the final word, and he reiterated such to me in a private email. Unfortunately, many on the Internet have taken it as the "final word" on this aspect of her life and teaching. I, for one, think and feel that there is plenty of room for other positions between the unquestioning HPB Masters believer and the debunking skepticism fostered by Paul's book.

She could do with Fohat all this things under the guidance of the master. It is simple-because a lot of people was doubting what she said and want to see some miracles.

But-if you go this way and for yourself you can take the secret doctrine serious you will not need all this "miracle" at all.

OM Patita

Fohat is the universal essence which in human is kundalini.

and some certain terms you will maybe not find in any dictionary in the net.

I have my sources who taught me about something like that.and fpr me it makes sence......

The "way" is the study from esoteric science and for sure it is not easy.....

Om Patita

Sanskrit is the mother of all languages.

it was spoken vor millions of years only and there before was senzar.

with this what happend to the human kind the peopla was moving around to arising new continents and then they ( the new upcomind races ) created their own languages. And this is why sanskrit is now a vorgotten language. But even in arabic there is a source to sanskrit from a lot of words.and for sure whence some terms are coming from......

I only could give everybody the advise:look behind the veil-and lift it. What modern science is saying is not the source...

Om Patita


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