Detect planet's extraterrestrial Life via Alien Apocalypses

This is an idea that possibly explains why we can't seem to find extraterrestrial life via SETI - they (aliens) always find a way to manage to self-annihilate themselves. (!!)

From National Geographic
That’s why a trio of scientists recently published a guide to help astronomers detect alien apocalypses—whether it’s the chemical signature of a world filled with rotting corpses, the radioactive aftermath of nuclear warfare, or the debris left over from a Death Star scenario where an entire planet gets blown to bits.

Call it SEETI, the Search for Extinct Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

Link to article

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Think they should be paying more attention down here before with end up like their research in no time.  

Hi -

I hope you mean that the 'they' referred to above is the various Governments of the world. The Scientists have been working for a long time on these and no one else seems to care or listen. The scientists keep at it anyway... a thankless task.

Here is a hoe with Joseph Farrell and I discussing his book, A Cosm.... Something I am highly into.. But seems there is more denial from scientist than approval.

The initial article referenced actually did have a Death Star scenario.

The rest of the items, in your video, are highly speculative. Those are not a good reason to get the masses motivated. You might get the Flat-Earth group to go with it <g>

But seems there is more denial from theosophists than approval towards scientists.  <G>


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