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Here is an essay on Dharma (note the link below). Some people may find this interesting; Especially, with regard to the motto of the Theosophical Society.

Shakti Subramanian

There is a term that some people do not fully comprehend. The term is a "Dharma Talk". Do not even get me started on the definition of "Dharma". Dharma does NOT translate to "religion". Dharma is a Universal philosophy. Here's a link to a brief detailed essay on Dharma:…/the_universal_philo…/

I read the excuses that so many people post about why society is so screwed up. One group of people blames rap music. Wrong! It is NOT the form of music but rather the contents (lyrics) of the songs. When I spoke at a nearby college I brought some musical entertainment with me. I suggested to the Professor that the band Edifide be selected. Edifide writes some serious spiritual messages. And they are rap.

Some talk about how hateful others are yet nobody knows how to sit down with a "hater" as many pepople like to say, and have a proper dialog.

So I am going to do something I have not done in the past. Whereas I normally speak within a certain radius of Charlotte, I am going to travel outside of the previous mentioned area. And if this means travel to another State my requirement are simply this.

1. Provide the tickets for travel.
2. Provide someone to take me from the airport, bus staion or train station to the venue and back.
3. If I am to stay over the weekend then a simple motel room like a Motel 6 is all I need.
4. People are encouraged to audio and / or video record the session.
5. As is the tradition that I follow, I do NOT accept money for giving these talks so long as the event is hosted by the following:

A. College or University
B. House of Worship
C. Not-for-Profit organizations that I deem to be true "Non-profit". No offense to the NFL and hospital networks.


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