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Don Degracia's book on Consciousness --
Some of the early participants of theos-l mailing list set up by John Mead may recall Don's postings.

Theosophical Society leaders and their brainwashed followers actively boycotted it and all Internet.

Don has published a book titled
Yogic View of Consciousness two years ago. Found out today.

Apart from the contents of the book, his observations on publications in Internet environment should be of interest to all.

Quoted below is worth reading and help any author or publisher. Enjoy---

Like some of my previous eBooks, The Yogic View of Consciousness was born
as a series of posts on my blog PlaneTalk (https://dondeg.wordpress.com/) which
have been collected as this book and is being released for free into the internet wilds.

The digital PDF is intended to be the main version. It has live links to a variety
of supplemental information, and the Reader is encouraged to take advantage of
these to get additional information. In the Age of the Internet, the conveyance of
information is different. In ancient times (before 1998) we had to use citations.
Now, the internet allows the live linking of information in ways impossible in the
past. Thus, not only do I link to other web pages, but to entire books, to videos on
YouTube, and even to songs whose lyrics add additional overtones to whatever I
might be discussing.

There are also print-on-demand versions available for people who like to hold
real physical books when reading. These cost a nominal fee for the service of
converting the PDF to a book. For those who choose to get a physical book, the
internet links are obviously unavailable. Nonetheless, the book has been designed be stand-alone enough that one can read the text without the links and still fully get
the intended meaning.

There are five “official” versions of the Yogic View of Consciousness being

1. This PDF file. This is the main version intended for wider distribution.
2. The series of blog posts on PlaneTalk, which starts here.
3. Lulu.com standard quality (SQ) version. $39.99. Lulu “standard format” color
printing option is substantially cheaper than the high-quality color printing.
This is a really nice version. It's nice to hold and the color images come out
surprisingly well.
4. EPUB version. $8.99. For tablets, Kindles, etc.
5. Lulu.com high quality (HQ) version. $149.99. This is an expensive, high quality
print option. The pictures are gorgeous though. Compared to my ~100 page
books at $39.99, the pricing is proportional and reflects the fact that Yogic View
of Consciousness is almost 400 pages.
Please go to http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/dondeg to purchase any of my

Finally, as with all my publically-available writings, I encourage you, the Reader,
to get in touch and voice your thoughts and opinions about what I have written.

AsI like to say, fight, flatter, agree, or disagree as you wish. Again, this is the Age ofInternet. We no longer need to sit by as passive absorbers of information, but can
participate in two-way communication with media creators. Therefore, I encourage
Readers to contact me by email, or post comments on PlaneTalk. Each chapter has
its own comment section on my blog where you can post and share your thoughts.

The comments that have accumulated since posting the Yogic View of Consciousness provide an interesting on-going discussion that supplements the text, and you are invited to join in.

Yoga has become an integral part of the Western way of life. The assimilation is
by no means complete. I hope my small contribution can add something to the
ongoing assimilation of yoga into Western culture, to the ongoing rediscovery of the
depth of ancient thought, and to the ongoing fusion of Eastern and Western cultures.

Don Degracia PhD


Donald J. DeGracia, Ph.D. is Professor of Physiology at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, USA. He has been engaged in the study and practice of altered states of consciousness for over 30 years. He is the author of Beyond the Physical: A Synthesis of Science and Occultism , DO-OBE: How to have lucid dreams, astral projections and out-of-body experiences, What Is Science?, and Experience. All of his writings are available for free on the internet at his blog PlaneTalk, or at www.dondeg.com.



John Mead Don went to TSA (TS America) and gave a talk about the Internet in the 90's. I think he was the first person to actually address the subject with TSA leadership. It was a tough job. I recall/believe that only after that talk did TSA start a serious IT program. Any corrections/additions to my recollections are welcome comments. Don may have written about that experience.





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note the e-published free book     :


Like some of my previous eBooks, The Yogic View of Consciousness was born
as a series of posts on my blog PlaneTalk (https://dondeg.wordpress.com/) which
have been collected as this book and is being released for free into the internet wilds."


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