It's readily understood that other people are the reason we are. These below are just a few poorly put questions that, if answered honestly, I think maybe could help me and my kind out.

Do you often connect with people? Feel mutually understood with another? What is it that bridges the gap between you and the other? How does it work? Are there people you can't connect with? What is it that gets in the way? Do you think it's possible you could ever connect with them?

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Lol, good call John. 

I suppose one *could* truly connect while talking on the phone, but merely ringing someone up and superficially saying hi doesn't count, at least in my mind, as actually connecting. Connecting involves some kind of illusive give and take between two individuals, some kind of "divine" exchange. When two individuals truly connect, both leave with a better understanding and purer love for the other. It's not merely a melding of ideas and perceptions. It's the sharing of something underlying all of those ideas and perceptions.


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